Should You Teach Your Friends This Stuff On Attraction

Should You Teach Your Friends This Stuff On Attraction

A lot of guys email me for help because their buddies are “messing up their game”.

Here’s my advice: If you friends screw up your game every time you try getting a girl, it’s time to stop hunting with them.

You can still be good friends with them and you can still hang out with them all you want, but don’t expect them to help you any when you’re trying to talk to a hottie.

In my experience, it’s almost pointless to try to “change them around” or “show them the ropes” of dating if they aren’t seeking your help.

In the real world, unsolicited advice is almost never welcomed.

Think about it, if you hadn’t decided to read this article and I had just sent you my dating articles, would you have been offended?


Here’s the hard truth: Most guys are EXTREMELY sensitive and egolistic when it comes to talking about their love lives.

I once had a good friend who wouldn’t listen to me at all.

I would spend HOURS telling him everything I know about attraction and dating, and he’d go out and do the EXACT OPPOSITE because of his ego.

So…unless your friends start ASKING you for your opinion, do not bother to teach them anything.

If they are willing to learn and to change themselves for the better, then show them a few tricks you use at login. Otherwise, just enjoy all the ladies yourself!

To ‘Command’ Women By Complimenting Them

Next time a woman gives you any kind of resistance when you’re picking her up, try using the “compliment-command” on her.

Here is how it works: You attach a subtle command into a compliment so that she has no choice but no follow it.

For example, if you meet a new woman at a club and feel that she has a little bit of “bitch-shield”, you can drop it by saying, “I really like how unlike some of the women that hang out here, you don’t have a big attitude.”

Here is another example: If would like a woman to try something that is new and foreign to her, you can say, “I love how you have an open-mind for new ideas and new experiences.
It makes life so much more exciting for both you and the people around you!”

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