Body Language For Men

Body Language For Men

Body Language

In the last teen dating advice post, I spoke about non verbal communication and went into a further deep dive on tonality. A quick overview: good non verbal communication exudes the qualities of being calm, cool and confident while bad non verbal communication, also known as body language is associated with anxiety, stress, and insecurity.

In the following teen dating advice, I will focus on important body language do’s and dont’s for men when in a social setting. Make sure to particularly pay attention to the sections that focus on posture as well as the head and face section, including eye contact and smiling.

Overall Posture

Depending on the way you hold yourself, your posture signals to people the level of interest you have in what they are saying as well as your openness and degree of self confidence. It also helps to give clues as to what your status is within a social group.

Make sure to orient your body so that you are facing the person you are speaking, meaning make sure your shoulders and legs are turned towards the interactant. This will show attentiveness as well as to enhance the rapport you have between the person/people you are interacting with. Make sure while you are interacting with a person that you do not lean forward while talking. If the person is having trouble hearing you, make sure to talk in a stronger voice. If you are unable to hear them, suggest moving the conversation to a more intimate/quiet place.

Make sure that your body posture is relaxed as it will give off confidence. By hunching your shoulders and tilting your head down you will give off the impression that you lack confidence while puffing yourself up gives off the feelings of aggressiveness; both of which are especially undesirable when trying to pick up a woman with Adultfrienedfinder app.

Another piece of dating advice… make sure to avoid shifting your weight. If you slowly shift your weight than that typically signifies that you are bored or uncomfortable. On the other hand, a fast tapping, shifting of weight, typically impresses upon people that you are nervous, intimidated or impatient.

Head and Face

Eye contact is in my opinion the most important part of body language especially during initial contact. Our eyes give clues to the way we feel. By directly staring at someone you may convey interest, aggression, or fear. Avoiding eye contact signals submissiveness or shyness.

If you are to take anything from this article, then please pay careful to the follow section in this teen dating advice body language section. It is very important if you hope to be successful. You should aim to make eye contact 50% of the time when you are being spoken to and close to 90% of the time when you are the speaker. If you are conversing within a group then you should switch eye contact from one group member to another; at any given moment you should be making eye contact with one of the members within the group. If the woman you are interested in is in the group then you should give her slightly less eye contact so that you represent a challenge to her. Don’t give too little though as you will then convey a lack of interest.

Keep your head up. This will help to ensure that you are making eye contact. Try to keep your neck straight and up. This will help in keeping your head in a neutral position thereby making sure that you neither come off as aggressive or insecure.

The face is considered to be the most expressive part of the body. Your facial expressions may lead you to appear disinterested, anxious, and a myriad of other negative emotions. The one easy tool that you can use to break this misrepresentation is by making a conscious effort to smile. Smiling will help you appear confident, warm, open, and friendly.Not only that, but according to a study that was recently done, people who smiled were seen to be much more attractive than those who did not smile. Make sure that you don’t just smile with your mouth. A genuine smile includes the entire face. People who fake smile tend to show less teeth and typically show no tightening around the eyes. Here’s a little tip from Teen Dating Advice; use your imagination if you must to help ensure that the smile you use is genuine.

Another advantage to smiling is your body releases endorphins when you feel happy. These endorphins send a message to your brain that will make you feel happy, thereby making you feel satisfied and being confident.

Chest and Shoulders

Make sure you aren’t wearing your shoulders as earrings. You will want to keep your shoulders back, down and relaxed. By keeping your shoulders back, your chest will come out a bit. Remember what I said in the posture section and make sure that you don’t puff up your chest any more than would happen naturally via your shoulder positioning.

Legs and Feet

Make sure and keep your feet at least shoulder-width apart. You want to make sure to maximize the physical space you occupy without doing so in an obnoxious way. While walking, make sure to take big, slow steps to show confidence and power.

Arms and Hands

  • Don’t fidget as this will imply anxiety and insecurity
  • Make sure that your hands are not in your pockets
  • Don’t flail your arms in a wild manner
  • While walking keep your arms relaxed and by your sides

Individuals’ hand gestures, especially vertical one, can help to indicate a positive interpersonal relationship. The use of hand gestures will again help in showing confidence which is all part of what we are trying to achieve for those seeking teen dating advice.

In a future teen dating advice article, I will focus on what women should do if they want to show interest in a guy. Obviously this post will also be helpful for men as it will help you recognize what signs one should look for to interpret whether a woman is flirting or not.

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