How To Get Women To Notice You In A Room Full Of Other Guys

How To Get Women To Notice You In A Room Full Of Other Guys

>>> Question From Zoltan B

hey david,

I would like to start out by saying you have some really great tips here, and I have had alot of success implementing them. my question is, how do you get girls to notice you w/out making it obvious that you are trying to get their attention?

I ask this because I have been in many situations where I was in a room full of beautiful women, but there were also plenty of other guys. how do I make myself more appealing than the rest?

>>> My Answer:

Easy, Zoltan. And nope you don’t have to be an obnoxious boob to get women’s attention.

Whenever I enter a set, basically any form of social setting where both men and women know their there to see and be seen, it just breaks me to see how obvious some guys tend to talk loudly, bragging about themselves, and basically showing off as much as they can just to get the women around them to take notice of the poor guy.

Yeah sure, women will notice when you do those, but I could just tell how turned off these women are just by the looks on their faces.

Bragging about their high-flying corporate jobs, how much money their making, how happening/cool they are, name dropping, etc…


Childish stuff, no?

Women will see past your ‘acts’, don’t you know that they know you’re doing all this just to IMPRESS them?

Women can smell desperation miles away. And bragging, talking loudly, etc are OBVIOUS signs that shows how insecure you are as man.

So the question now lies in how do you actually display higher value to pique her interest and take notice of you?

The easiest is to ‘work the room’.

It’s all a matter of using the right body language & confidence level as you first enter the set.

Smile (to everyone, talk and be GENUINELY friendly to anyone there, ESCALATE the ENERGY level when you’re talking to people, resonate your energy on them, SHOW the women at login around how much people like you, how they love talking and enjoy your being with them.

Shoulders back, head straight (no slouching no fidgeting) and ALWAYS lock eye contact with someone as you’re talking to them (VERY IMPORTANT).

Speak at a volume where people can listen to what you’ve got to say and speak with CONFIDENCE.

(Yes, it’s soo common sense, yet guys still HARDLY ever do it when they’re in front of beautiful women).

Imagine this: You enter into a 4-5 group set, it suddenly becomes more ‘alive’, you bust on the women there, mess with them, make them laugh, and several minutes later, leave.

The sudden void becomes obvious within the group.

You enter into another set and bring that same level of energy there.

Do it 2-3 times, and women will notice.

Be friendly with everyone EXCEPT your ‘target’ and she WILL notice (especially if she’s super hot, every guy is hitting on her but not you, and you’ll stir her emotion a little further 😉

That’s how ‘naturals’ work the room.

It can be complicating as you’re out there dating, I agree.

Have you had a time when a woman you liked will tell their friends how much she likes you, but when you’re around, she’ll give you the chilling cold shoulder and not say a word to you…

Weeks later when you see her in the arms of another, her friends will tell you how she lost interest because you never made your move ‘fast enough’.

You’ll come across girls who’ll give you sign after signs that they’re sooo into you, they’ll go on dates with you, laugh at your stupid jokes and just as you’re confident that this one’s more or less ‘in the bag’, she’ll turn around, ignore you and go after someone else…

You’ll come across women who’ll be pissed mad at you for not telling them you like them, and when you finally do, they’ll just smile, walk off and never see you EVER again.

Such is the dynamics of dating women these days.

Notice how apparent and how COMMON it is for people (esp women) to play ‘games’ with the people around them in any social setting these days. Don’t fight it, instead learn to love and EMBRACE these games as they happen.

Guys are always writing in telling me how they HATE playing these games with women and how they think it’s so superficial and ‘fake’ for them to play it but…

Remember: Women play games… one way or another to ‘test’ the men around them, it’s not that they’re bitches who love toying around with men’s feelings, it’s just their natural DEFENSE and SCREENING mechanism, so expect it to happen ALL THE TIME; whether you like it or not, it will happen.


See, you can either:

1 – Give up on these women and hope to find one who’ll be straight, frank and not mess with your minds (good luck and mail me when you’ve found one, k? 😉


2 – Accept that these are natural occurances in the dating scene, man-up, learn to TAKE CONTROL and COME OUT ON TOP when they actually do happen. (Women will RESPECT you and this is ultimately the DECIDING factor in what separates you from every other guy out there that tries to compete for her attention).

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