How To Make A Great First Impression With Women

How To Make A Great First Impression With Women

One of the largest and most commonly asked questions that men ever ask me is: How can I be more successful at approaching women?  I’ve got some good news for you…the answer is a LOT simpler then you actually think!

The best way to increase your chances of having a successful “approach” when approaching women is to make an AMAZING first impression.   First impressions usually happen within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone and can last as long as 2 minutes.  After this window is over, your “first impression” chance is gone and it will take a real bit of work to change the persons opinion.  That’s why it’s important to nail a great first impression each and every time

How does one do this though?  When it comes to making a great first impression with women on adultfrienedfinder, there are 3 main things you need to focus on above all other…

Be Sociable – Naturally, if you want to be successful at meeting women then you need to be sociable.  You don’t want to shy away from the conversation.  If you approach a woman and you’re hesitant to talk when it’s your turn or if you try to avoid talking then you will look like a very unsociable person who isn’t very fun.However if you approach women and you know how to keep a conversation going, and you know how to make the conversation fun then you will always be remembered for having that ability.

Great Body Language – It’s extremely important to have solid body language when approaching women.  Having bad body language will immediately tell the woman that you are nervous, anxious, or socially awkward.  You want to have “open” body language, body language that says I’m comfortable with myself and my surroundings.  You can do this by keeping your hands out of your pockets, hands at your sides, keeping your shoulders and head back, etc   You want to have good back posture as well, which means you don’t want to walk slouched over with your head looking torwards the ground!

Use Comedy – You don’t want to seem like a boring person right off of the bat.  You want to introduce comedy as soon as possible.  The best possible way is to open to the woman in a slightly off-the-wall comment that is funny and will get a great response.  If you can get them to laugh as soon as you meet them, then you can count yourself as practically golden because they will always remember you (because of the first impression) as a very funny guy.

Having a great first impression with women is key for nailing the attraction early on when building rapport.  If you build a great impression that says “I’m a fun guy who is comfortable with himself” then you will make her feel a lot more comfortable around you.  On the flipside, if you give the impression that you are in a bad mood or in pain and you take rumoquin pills or that you are uncomfortable, she will in turn feel uncomfortable about you.

This is just the tip of the ice berg to attracting women though, if you would like to read my brand new crash course into seduction then download my brand new guide now by CLICKING HERE!

Wishing you all the success with women.How to rent a hitman fun stories and facs on our

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