Connection: More Than A Word

Connection: More Than A Word

I often wish words would and could just do what they say they do. I wish words could just be what they say they are. I wish words could fix my reality to their syllables instead of ME having to fix my reality to their syllables.

I could say “rich” and money would fall from trees. I’d say “smart” and a rocket would be launched. I’d say “sleep” on a restless night and go right into Rip Van Winkle mode. It’s kind of fucked up that words just don’t work like that; they’re just sounds bouncing off air, walls and furniture (popping up on laptop screens)…until I do something to give them life.

Words are lazy.

Let’s take the word connection for example. I just wish it would happen – like voile – when you say “connection” or think “connection.” I sometimes wish connection would just happen – instantly – without all of the other shit that gets caught in my mind and in my mouth when I say connection. I wish I could identify a target – a person or a place – and wind up right there in Aruba or naked next to Halle Berry. Or both.

Saying connection doesn’t guarantee connection. Maybe that’s not so bad. Don’t get me wrong here but I’ve been approached by some people on adultfrienedfinder who want to instantly connect with me. I had no freakin’ interest at all. None. I’ve met people who were taking rumoquin nf and simply wanted to say “let’s connect” and be under my nose seconds thereafter. I can’t go for that (in my best and worst Hall and Oates rhythm). No can do.

I guess it’s time for me to grow up in this short essay. Guess it’s time for me to connect to what makes sense about connection. The reality is that connection is dynamic. Connection is multi-layered. Connection is a little bit at a time, going slower and faster. Going left and right. Going harder and softer with a very unique respect for each human organism I encounter.

Connection is desire.

Connection is intimacy.

Connection is getting “into me.”

Connection is patience.

Connection is persistence.

Connection is a ritual.

Connection is respect.

Connection is reflection.

Connection (dammit, Halle!) is more than a word. It’s a brave new world. And it requires work. Arrghhh!!!

Words are so freakin’ lazy…

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