Relationship Mistake Revealed: The Grass is Greener Elsewhere

Relationship Mistake Revealed: The Grass is Greener Elsewhere

The Mistake:

Being with a compatible partner and yet still wondering if there is someone better suited for you out there.

At some point in every relationship, and in some much sooner than in others, one or both people wonder if they should leave and find a more compatible, better-suited partner elsewhere.

But if you are in a relationship, chances are the two of you are highly compatible – incompatible, disconnected people seldom end up in relationships. At the same time, compatible people are relatively hard to find and the search can take a lot of time and effort.

Perhaps you are not looking for someone more compatible but someone you can be more connected to. That is what most people who leave relationships are looking for – more intimacy than the connection they experience with their current partner.

But a deeper connection can only be forged with a person you already know and trust, who knows and trusts you. That is why it is better to stay and work with your partner to deepen the relationship, because as you do, the two of you will fall in love all over again, discovering new parts of each other for a lifetime.

There are only a few instances when you should in fact leave a relationship you started for example on adultfrienedfinder and find someone more compatible:

  • If you are being physically abused
  • If you are being emotionally abused and your partner refuses to get help
  • If the relationship is in need of growth and your partner, after being asked many times in many different ways, has categorically refused to grow, change or get help
  • If there is no physical chemistry between the two of you
  • If there is physical chemistry but one or the other partner is not interested in the physical relationship and refuses to get any help with this issue

How to avoid throwing away your current relationship:

When you feel the desire to see if the grass is greener elsewhere, take it as a sign that you need to turn more towards your partner and work on connecting more deeply with him or her. You may experience some resistance to doing this, and will have to try it on faith. When the connection between the two of you begins to deepen, your desire to look for someone else will subside.

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