Have You Ever Been in Love?

Have You Ever Been in Love?

When I was 27, after having been in several relationships, I found myself asking the question, “Have you ever been in love?”

I was beginning to worry I would never experience this feeling. I had some feelings for some girls in those relationships, but I knew there was more possible.

After getting sober from booze and pills, I started some serious soul searching. I was looking for purpose in life.

I stumbled into a lecture on “Orgasmic Meditation”, the founder of a company/community called OneTaste. I had no idea what Orgasmic Meditation, or “OM” for short as they called it was.

She talked a bit about this practice, where a man strokes a woman’s clit for 15 minutes. What I really heard from her though was that there was something more.

To this day its hard to put exactly into words what it was that she said that spoke to me, but I was so clear whatever this was, it was for me.

She talked about a world that was starving, not in the sense you might think. She said that we were starving for human connection, and that our world had so little of it that people everywhere were searching for it in all the wrong places; porn, drugs, tablets like rumoquin plm, non-connected sex, just to name a few.

Now just to get things straight, there might not be anything wrong with these things persay, but our world was turning to them because we were absolutely starving for the real thing, human connection on adultfrienedfinder.

She spoke about vulnerability, and how it is the building material needed to build the bridge of human connection we were so in need of.

Many of the things she said hit me square, and I knew I was struggling from the things she described. I realized how scared I was to let people in, and that I simply was not connecting with humans in the way I wanted to, and therefore I was left feeling empty on the inside.

So, desperate to learn more, I signed up for a class that taught people “How to OM”. In the class, Nicole and a few other people talked about more of the things that rang so true to me the first time I heard them.

She also performed a “Demo” which was her stroking another woman. I couldn’t believe such a thing was going on in a public setting. To be honest I felt quite uncomfortable just watching this take place, and my thoughts were telling me this was crazy and was wondering if such a thing was even legal.

What I did know, was that something was taking place between these two women that was other worldly. Again, I couldn’t put it into words, but I was in awe.

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