Dating Advice: Bad Kissers and How to Give a Girl a Kiss She Will Never Forget

Dating Advice: Bad Kissers and How to Give a Girl a Kiss She Will Never Forget

Why is kissing so important to females? It’s because women intuitively know that a kiss can convey your personality. Actual research has been done that shows kissing another person was able to show whether they were a warm, compassionate person or a cold hearted killer (okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration  ). The point is that researchers were able to study hundreds of volunteers, and through observation were able to find out that the way people kissed displayed certain personality traits… traits that women will be able to get a sense of right away when kissing you.

I understand that for many guys, kissing is just step 1 in a checklist of chores to get further with a girl, but keep this dating advice in mind and remember the way you kiss tells a lot about you, so make sure you send the right message !

Before doling out dating advice on how to give a girl a kiss she will never forget, let’s first go through some of the more common types of bad kisses and what they say about you as you don’t want to be Brad the Bad Kisser that all her girlfriends make fun of:

The Dead Fish/The Possum

You basically just stick your tongue in the other persons mouth and just lay it there. This is just bad manners and shows women that you’re either lazy, inexperienced or both!

The Sloppy, Wet One

Spit is pouring everywhere, drool is pouring out the corner of your mouth, your tongue is splashing around like a puppy in a pool. If you kiss like this, you’re telling the girl that you have no skills, that you pay no attention to detail.

The Suckface

Your mouth is not a wet vac. You aren’t detailing a car. Do not suck the filling out of her back teeth. You’ll scare the girl, because she’ll think you’re controlling and the vacuum that you’ll create through her mouth and in her head will pop her eyes out.

The Overly Aggressive Monster

Don’t attack her mouth. You aren’t a running back trying to score a touchdown. It’ll make you seem over anxious and desperate.

Halitosis Breath

This really shouldn’t need an explanation. Carry a breath mint, gum, or mini disposable toothbrush around because no matter how good your technique is, it won’t get you anywhere with awful breath.

The Marathon Kisser

It just goes on and on and on… yea….  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you have great technique and the woman you met on adultfrienedfinder is into you, however if you’re lacking in technique or she’s just not that into you, and your going through the director’s cut and extended version of this kiss, it just goes to show that you have no clue.

If you need some imagery to give with each of the above, Matthew Inman of has drawn up these cute little characters to illustrate different types of bad kissers.

Now that we’ve gone through all the bad kisser types, let’s briefly discuss how to begin the process of giving a girl a kiss that she will never forget. Lather up her emotions. Get her in the mood. There are all sorts of moods to set up, but the most important thing is to be confidence. You must convey confidence in your kiss. Don’t even attempt to kiss a girl if you are unsure of yourself or are going to be hesitant. If she rejects your kiss, it isn’t the end of the world. It just means you need to get her some more drinks… just kidding. It just means that you need to do better to get her in the proper mood.

You need to create anticipation… build up the moment in her mind. Look at her in a way that shows you want to have her! Breath slowly and deeply… breathe her perfume in slowly.. put your hand behind her ear and stroke her hair slowly… slowly whisper a compliment into her ear.

To know more about actual technique, read some dating advice on french kissing techniques.

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