Flirting Tips For Men

Flirting Tips For Men

The number one flirting technique for those men needing teen dating advice is to remember to have confidence.  Wherever you are, it’s of utmost importance that you are able to ooze confidence. I cannot stress this point enough! It’s what separates the men from the boys and what separates success from failure. You ever wonder how that doofy looking guy is with an attractive female? It’s because of his ability to exude confidence! Check out Teen Dating Advice on body language for men for further assistance on how to use non verbal communication to show that you are confident, cool and calm.

Now that I’ve gotten that point across, the next thing is to show interest in your target but not too much interest. You want to show that you are attracted to the person of interest and would like to get to know them better, however you don’t want to come across as desperate. The point is to create sexual tension between the two of you to make sure you don’t end up in the friend zone.

Another good technique for a man is to walk up to the person of interest and to make an introduction. This is just another way to show that you have great confidence in yourself. If you are worried about being rejected, then what you may want to do beforehand is to make eye contact. Once eye contact has been established, flash your best smile. If the smile is returned, that’s your sign to get yourself over there and say ‘hello’.

If you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve made the introduction, the next thing to master is how to continue the conversation. It’s important to be yourself while making a good first impression. You also want to show her that you are a trustworthy and good guy. Make sure to avoid cheesy pickup lines or cliches like ‘Haven’t I seen you here before’… instead you want to try and make situation based conversation, such as commenting on the scent she is wearing. You’ll want to start out casual and as the conversation continues, you’ll then want to make sure you ask her various questions so that you show that you are interested. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you listen and ask follow up questions. By doing this you show that you are into her as a person and not just trying to get her into bed.

It’s also good if you have the ability to be funny. A few well placed jokes will get you far but remember you aren’t at a comedy club, so make sure that you are doing more than just telling jokes. You may also want to pepper in a compliment or two but don’t go overboard unless you want her to lose interest in you.

As a teen seeking teen dating advice, one final note: If you do get rejected, just remember that there are plenty of other women out there. It’s important not to lose confidence, otherwise you will never reach success.

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