Dating Women Online & Building Comfort

Dating Women Online & Building Comfort

Dating Women Online & Building Comfort

Building comfort online means assuming that you already have it!

Part of the key to building comfort in online game is through teasing and the DHV story. Don’t use online e-mail exchanges to ask a million questions about her. This does nothing to build comfort or attraction, and you are losing conversation topics for the eventual date. Instead, use DHV stories and teasing in order to build comfort. Treat her like an old friend or a bratty little sister, continue this mentality during the phone conversation, THEN treat her like a date once you actually see her. Examples of this in action:

Once I learn the HB’s name, I’ll begin the second e-mail with this line (say her name is Allison):

“Alli, I’m just letting you know that I’ll be calling you Alli from now as that last “son” is just too much for me to type. I’m a busy man with things to do…”

This works for any girls name, just about, and it already makes you cock-funny, gives her a nickname (major comfort), and DHV’s. Another great thing to do is role-play. This is an ESPECIALLY powerful comfort building tool. Chicks on adultfriendrfinder eat it up.

Remember, when you talk on the phone, there are a few things to remember to keep her from flaking:

1) Keep it short (5-10 minutes, 15 max).

2) Make sure your voice has higher energy than hers during the conversation (sound fun and exciting). However, be cautious not do talk too fast, you want to sound exciting, not excited. There’s a big difference.

3) Know exactly where you want to go on the first date before you call. Girls like to be told all of this, dating is not a democracy. Even the most independent of girls LOVE men who take control of the date so she can sit back and relax. Also, take her to a place you can easily bounce from.

4) Keep an air of mystery about you. Never give her a straight answer. Maybe tell her you have a surprise for her or something like that (you can figure out the surprise later). All of this is meant to be enticing and to keep her from flaking.

Any more questions, just ask. I used to depend solely on online dating and did very well with it. I’ve been on at least 50 dates over a 2 year span. Most didn’t go well (I didn’t like the girl) and that’s the final lesson: never put too much stock into anything online until you meet face to face. Everything is meaningless until you meet. By now, even if I’m going out with an HB 10 on a first date and I pulled her on an online dating site, I’m not nervous AT ALL since I expect nothing.

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