If you want to see her again then build comfort

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If you want to see her again then build comfort

It’s generally recognized that there are three stages of being a PUA. Attraction, comfort, and seduction. Most men can easily relate to the benefits of attracting and seducing a girl, but not so many see the value in building comfort, even though it’s a vital stage of seducing a girl.

If you go straight from attraction to seduction, you may get results in some cases, but a lot of the time you’re going to risk coming on too strong, and you the girl you met at adultfrienedfinder will probably be scared off.

If you spend all night in the attraction phase, the girl may think you’re a fun, interesting guy, but she won’t have really got to know you, and won’t necessarily have invested enough trust in you to let you seduce her. Jump straight into seduction mode, and you’ve come on too strong.

No matter how good you are, you have to keep to the structure, and that mean’s building comfort and rapport at some stage.

If you’re teasing a girl, flirting with her, and everything is going well, then don’t be afraid to take things into the comfort stage. As long as you’ve demonstrated that you’re you’re a fun and attractive person, it’s totally okay to lead her into the comfort phase, and start building solid rapport.

Building rapport and comfort will often be what makes the difference between getting a day 2 and not. If a girl has kissed a guy and exchanged numbers with him, she may have had a good evening, and enjoyed the guy’s company, but she might still wake up the next morning thinking, ‘That was fun, but I didn’t really know that guy.’ Crucially, if you haven’t built comfort, the trust element will be missing when she makes her decision of whether or not to meet you again. She may be attracted to you, but she may also be wary of meeting up with a guy who she doesn’t really know.

Get to know the girl. Ask her questions that other guys won’t ask. ‘If you could wake up tomorrow in a different country, where would it be?’ ‘Do you remember your first day at school?’ Make her describe her feelings to you, and work on eliciting strong emotions from her. Whatever question you ask, don’t ask another until you’ve connected on what she’s said. Take the conversation back to herself, make assumptions about what she’s told you, and don’t be afraid to challenge her.

After a conversation like this, you will have made a connection, and more importantly you will be someone who she feels she can relate to, and trusts. You can now move onto the seduction phase safe in the knowledge that you won’t be just another guy she’s met. You’ll be someone who has stood out from the other guys that she’s attracted to, which is why you’ll get a day 2.

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