Dating Advice: How to Approach Women

Dating Advice: How to Approach Women

Many girls think it is easy for a guy to approach women. Even though it is the first step towards getting a date, it is one of the hardest and most nerve-wracking step for most men. Men wonder what to say, how to act, and whether they’ll be rejected. However, the truth is that all of these fears are unreasonable.

First, understand the following: women want to be approached by high-quality men and it is the man’s job to approach them. The whole reason women want pretty friends, spend so much money on clothing, put makeup on, and go out to socialize is in hopes that the romantic guy of their dreams approaches them. Ask any female friend of yours and if she is honest with you she will admit women want to be approached by men. And now on with it….

What you say when you approach women matters very little. Let me repeat that. What you say when you approach a girl on adultfriendrfinder matters VERY little. There is so much focus on pickup lines and the magic one-liner to get a girl to fall for you. These don’t exist. The perfect opener when approaching a girl is any line that initiates conversation. Everything works from a simple “Hello” to a “What perfume are you wearing” to something as out there and funny as “Do you think I look like a drug dealer or best thrusting vibrator seller?”

Now while it doesn’t matter how you open the conversation, a few really simple habits will increase your chances exponentially by creating attraction: being confident in yourself, having strong body language,being the source of fun and charisma, and displaying value.

Follow these steps and build rapport. Once you and your woman are pretty friendly and you feel like it would be good to see her again, get her number, e-mail address, or Facebook contact. Again simple always works. There is no need to over think it. Something like “Hey, I need to meet up with my friends now, but write down your e-mail” works great.

If the attraction and rapport were there, the woman will always give you a way to contact her. If they weren’t then you must work on creating attraction and remember to build a sense of comfort and excitement.

Practice makes perfect, so just remember that girls want you to approach them and to go out there and have a fun time meeting high-quality women!

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