How To Have An Intense Phone Conversation With Any Woman

How To Have An Intense Phone Conversation With Any Woman

Imagine taking the time to a get a woman’s phone number and then never calling her.

Now that might sound crazy to you, but many, many men do this every day.

Or imagine writing back and forth with women online and never getting them on the telephone.

I won’t waste my time with this type of cyber flirting and you shouldn’t either.

First of all, why would you want to talk to a woman on the phone?

I mean what is the purpose of the phone call?

Sounds like a silly question, but please think about this for just a second.

Well, I have a very specific purpose when I speak to any woman on the phone. It isn’t just one purpose, but rather a few different ones:

1. First I use this as an additional filtering system to be sure the woman is someone I really want to meet in person.

2. Second, I want to learn as much about her wants, needs and desires.

Now why the heck would I want to know this?

Well, if I plan to meet her in person, then I want to know how to please her and I want her to already start to imagine what it would be like to be with me.

If you listen to what women you met at adultfrienedfinder tell you, you will know exactly how to please them in and out of the bedroom.

3. Last…I want to close the deal. I don’t want to be phone sex buddies. I am only interested in the real thing.

Oh and by the way, don’t get caught in this. Women are attracted to the fantasy of what it will be like to be with you. If you can get them off on the phone, then why would they need to meet you in person?

You take part of the mystery and fantasy away.

Just don’t make the deadly mistake I made with women…

Don’t monopolize conversation. Ask questions and then LISTEN. Yes, I screwed this up and it cost me big time.

I finally realized I was coming across as arrogant and egotistical, plus I wasn’t learning anything about the woman I desired. You can’t listen while you are talking. It just doesn’t work that way.

I have a specific series of questions I put together in order to build iron-clad trust with women, so they feel completely comfortable sharing their inner-most desires with you.

These questions help me weed out the women I am not interested while simutaneously stripping all the fat to get the true desires of women.

If you think this is difficult, I promise you it is not. It is just a matter of knowing a woman’s hot buttons and how to push the right buttons and thatd exactly what my questions do for you.

You can get your hands on these questions and listen to exactly how I use them in conversations by ordering my Instant Conversation Starters product.

Now go find the woman of your dreams,

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