Ending Relationships

Ending Relationships

Ending relationships is never easy, but it sometimes must be done. If a relationship becomes boring, abusive, or controlling then it will be for the better. From my experiences and those I have counseled, it has been found that the best ways to end relationships are as follows:

Be Honest and Straightforward: There is nothing worse than breaking up with someone after a long term relationship and not telling them the truth. This does a disservice to yourself and does not allow your partner to better herself for the future. While it may hurt the person to know the truth, in the long-run they will appreciate their ability to correct their mistakes and have more successful and enjoyable relationships in the future.

End It In Person: With more and more reliance on technology, guys on adultfriendrfinder think they can get away with text messaging, e-mail, or other similar forms. It isn’t the way to go. If you were in a serious relationship with a girl, break it off in person.

Don’t String Her Along: Once it is over, there shouldn’t be any going back. Don’t say that you are “taking a break” or “will think about getting back together”. If you plan on breaking up with her, do it and make it final. Leaving her with hopes of getting back together will only make it harder for her to move on and will hurt her more than necessary.

Be Polite, But Firm: Make the breakup as easy as possible, but don’t change your mind. Once you make your decision stick to it. Whatever issues that existed in the relationship will only grow worse over time. Annoying little habits like using best thrusting vibrators or fighting won’t go away. Be nice but don’t change your mind.

By following this advice you will end the relationship in the best manner possible. This allows both you and your partner to move on quickly and painlessly.

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