Find The Guy Who Is Doing Great With Women At The Club

Find The Guy Who Is Doing Great With Women At The Club

The next time you go out, find a guy who’s doing pretty good with women.

You’ll know him. He’ll be the guy dressed a little more, well, eccentrically, than everyone else.

Maybe he’s scanning the room, or maybe he’s talking real excitedly to a bunch of girls until he starts to makeout with one on the dance floor.

You’ll find one of these guys in every club. When you see him, go up to him and ask him what he did.

He’ll probably start telling you in great detail all the things he said, did and didn’t do to attract the girl.

Now look around and find a guy who’s doing GREAT with women.

You’ll know him when you see him too. He’ll be the guy sitting back, doing next-to- nothing, with a big you-know-what-eating grin on his face, and hot girls all over him.

Now go up to him and ask him what he did.

I bet you my favorite “No Sex Please” t-shirt that his answer is a little different than our buddy, Mr. Working-His-Ass-Off-To-Get- Girls Guy.

His answer will probably be something like this.

“You know, man… you know how it is. I just did my thing.”

“Well, what did you say?”

“You know, man, I don’t know.”

“Yeah, but what did you do?”

“I was just having fun.”

“But… I don’t get it. Why did it work?”

“C’mon dude. I was just being myself.”


Here you are really trying to figure out how this guy learned how to get women on adultfrinendfinder effortlessly, and he couldn’t tell you how he did it anymore than he could tell you how to ride a bike.

Annoying, isn’t it? I know.

See, when I got really, really good at getting women, something strange happened.

I got to a point where I was better with girls than anyone else I knew who studied pickup.

But I wasn’t the best. I was better than the guys who did OK, but I wasn’t better than the guys who were GREAT, but seemed to be doing nothing.

Suddenly, I found myself competing for girls with the guys who had just always been good with girls.

I kept asking these guys these questions, and started paying close attention to what they did and said. And I learned something that totally shocked me.

You know The Natural, the guy who has total choice with women, the guy we all still secretly envy?

He really can’t tell you a damn thing about how he gets girls.

He just does it, like Nike. It is part of who he is. No lines, no routines, no gimmicks.

Now that sounded impossible. But here it was happening right in front of my eyes.

I slowed down and really thought about it. I thought about movies.

Austin Powers and his mojo.

Johnny Depp and his grin.

George Clooney and his smirk.

I realized that in movies, it’s always a just a look, or a move, or the way a man walks across the room that catches a woman’s eye. It’s not the words… it’s the man.

Hollywood has had attraction figured out forever. Want to see what a real cool guy looks like? Go watch some silent films with Valentino. This guy was so smooth that women actually fainted at his funeral.

Fortunately, my obsession with figuring out this Natural Game started to pay off once I started paying attention.

See, the Naturals all have these PERFECT mechanisms of attraction. The way they move, look, touch and talk communicates their attractiveness to women clearer than any super-charged routine ever could.

There are some routines that work really well for some guys. There are some great techniques that work really well on some girls.

But there is nothing that works as well for every guy, and on every girl, as using your body to communicate Natural attractiveness.

You’ve heard it before… attraction just happens. It is a physical reaction in men, and in women. We don’t decide whether or not we are attracted to people — it just happens.

Think back on the last time you were attracted to a woman. How long did it take you to realize it?

Ten seconds?



I got good news for you. The same process that sparks attraction in you when you see a sexy girl is what sparks attraction in them when they spot a cool guy.

Scientists have proven that it is a purely PHYSICAL reaction, not intellectual or emotional.

Women know they like a guy in their bodies. And the Naturals know how to create that with the way they use their bodies.

Of course, they can’t explain it to you any more than David Beckham can explain how to score,
or Tiger Woods can tell you how to swing.

And Ron Jeremy can’t teach you about… well, you know.

It’s in their bodies, but not necessarily in their heads.

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