Five ways to dramatically improve your game

Five ways to dramatically improve your game

Some people can make PU very complicated, breaking down all aspects of interaction and looking at the ‘value’ what people do and say. I don’t feel that this approach is in any way constructive, and merely serves to overcomplicate and confuse things, which is going to hold back your improvement.

I find that I get the best results when I simplify things with students, which is why I’m sharing what I consider to be the five most fundamental elements of improving game.

1. Don’t make excuses not to approach

People love to make excuses for themselves. Students often say that they’re too tired to run game in the evenings, or that they don’t live in a good area, or that they don’t have a wingman to go out with. There will always be excuses not to approach. Remove them.

2. Get a new look

If you haven’t done this already, make sure you start dressing well. If you have no idea how to do this, then go to your local newsagents and buy some men’s magazines which contain fashion pages that you can copy. Go to some fashionable high street stores, and look at what the mannequins are dressed in. Copy it to the letter if you’re not sure, or simply ask the shop assistants for their advice. Go to an upmarket hair salon and ask them what they think would look good for your hair.

3. Set yourself goals

What are you trying to achieve from game? Sleep with lots and lots of women? Date only the best looking women? Get a girlfriend at adultfrienedfinder? Loose your virginity? Whatever it is, write down what your long term goal is, and then write down what steps you are going to take to get there. For example, rather than just saying to yourself ‘I want to get a girlfriend’, and then getting anxious about not having one, write down the steps that you are going to take to improve your chances of getting a girlfriend. These may include expanding your social circle by joining various clubs and hosting more parties etc. Tick off these smaller goals as soon as you pass them, and then concentrate on the next stage. It will help keep you motivated and focused to see yourself improve, and you are more likely to achieve your long term target if you tackle it in stages.

4. Slow down your speech, and speak slowly, and leave pauses

Speaking slowly is a key part of being confident in any social interaction, and it’s also a big part of being seductive. So many students talk fast when they’re in set, and they cannot help but fill any pause in conversation with nervous chatter. Don’t do this! Make a mental note to try and speak extra slowly in at least one set each day, and to leave more pauses than you usually would, then analyse how different you feel in these sets compared to others. You will probably notice that you feel more confident and in control, and you may also notice that girls will happily fill the natural silences that happen in conversations.

5. Use kino

‘When should I start using kino?’ is a question that I’m often asked, and my answer is ‘immediately’. Using kino is vital in building attraction and comfort, however it is not something that comes naturally to most men. Start using kino in your conversations by breaking your arms at the elbows and start gesturing as you speak, making a conscious effort to throw in as many light touches as possible.

Remember to make eye contact with the girl as you kino her, and to make your touches light and quick. Women are much more sensitive to touch than men, and so even when we think we’re touching them gently we may actually still be too rough.

Expect using kino to feel unnatural at first, but keep forcing yourself to do it, and you will soon find that you are doing it without thinking, and will therefore have a greater chance of building attraction and comfort, as well as forcing IOIs.

So, there you have my five simple points that anyone can incorporate into their game to start getting better with women. If you work on these simple points, rather than sitting in front of your computer memorizing a ton of material, you will find that your game will improve dramatically.

So what are you waiting for?

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