From Open to Close

From Open to Close

I get a lot of people asking me what are the best openers, but often they don’t realise that it is not the openers that give you the power to seduce women. It is the transition that is more important, it is important to know how you are going to follow up your opener. Imagine this, when you open a HB with lets say, “Should I dye my hair blond?” you may get an answer as simple as “Yes” and you say “Alright, thanks, bye” its not too good. Only if you are very shy person and are starting out pick-up then its fine. You can say anything to open a HB but it’s important to be aware of what you are going to follow up with.

For example, with this opener you can follow up with “Cool, because my hairdresser says I should dye it blond every time I go there, he’s a great guy, but I think he’s gay. Well he looks gay; do you think you can tell whether a man is gay?”  There are so different things that you can follow up, no matter what your opener is, you can say the lamest thing but it’s important to know how you are going to follow up your opener. If you go in an interaction with that much preparation, you can easily find a lot of hook points to carry on the conversation even online at adultfrinendfinder.

To increase your success rate, you should familiarise yourself with three characteristics that are important in seduction. They are:


Having this skill enables you to make a very good first impression. This will be used at the initial stage of meeting someone. You should go in to one-on-one or group interactions with higher energy, and be able to get in with any group and make people relaxed and comfortable. People are always open to meeting someone who is sociable and enjoy themselves.

In order to develop the sociable traits you should go in with higher energy through body language and voice tone variations. Be positive while talking, most people are quite miserable and talk about negative things. So being positive will make you stand out and others around you will feel comfortable being with you.


You need to start demonstrating comfort once you have integrated into the group. Because at the beginning people are not always very open when meeting a stranger, but once they have dropped the barrier you can start developing comfort in the interaction. You will realise you are in the comfort stage when people start committing more to the conversation, they will start talking more and longer and will be asking you questions as well. Now you will need to be talking 50 percent of the time and 50 percent listening, not talking too much about yourself and try to understand women, find common interests and building rapport. While being in the comfort zone you should be aware subconsciously not to be in the comfort zone for too long, otherwise you might fall in the ‘lets just be friends’ trap. So you need to inject some sexual tension at this point.


The seduction comes in after you have build comfort. The best way to do this is to inject some seductive traits such as speaking slowly, with a deeper voice, holding intense eye contact, touching her in an increasingly sexual ways.

The transition from one character traits to the other need to be smooth and flow naturally, if you learn all the three characteristics you will move smoothly from starting a conversation to getting intimate easily. It is a very useful skill. 

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