How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: 7 Fail-Proof Steps

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: 7 Fail-Proof Steps

After the breakup with your girlfriend, you are surely going through a hard time. Maybe you are pretending it does not bother you or maybe you are in full playoff mode.

However if you want to move on, it’s totally fine. Cope with it. But if you want her back in your life again, then it is not an easy task.

So let’s talk about some beneficial ways to get your girlfriend back:

#1. Accept the breakup:

Accept that something was not cool with your relationship. No matter who was responsible for it, for now it is over and you accept it.

#2. Take a restart:

Don’t even think about getting in touch with the girl. First you need some deep thinking about the past relationship and find out what actually went wrong.
Try to realize if it is about you or her. May be you were angry that she deceived you or something like that. But for now only think about what she tried to tell you before the breakup. Of course she had complained about things that were not working between you and her and your visits to adultfrienedfinder app. Once you find the problem, you can fix it and do differently next time.

#3. Don’t try to contact her so fast:

Both you and your girl need some time after the breakup. So if you two have broken up recently, don’t call her or text her. Avoid all kind of contact with her at least for a month. Take time to think about problems and find solutions.
Then you can start with a casual contact like:

  • Write to her on Facebook.
  • Send casual texts like birthday wishes or congratulatory wishes on some personal  milestone.

Remind her that you still care for her and show her that you remember those things what are important to her.

#4. Improve yourself:

Accept it that you were not perfect. So it is time to fix it. Start with small things like:

  • If you are out of shape, then go to the gym.
  • If you are not conscious about dress up, get some cloths that make you look professional or grown up.
  • If she has complained about your smoking or drinking, try to control it.

#5. Go for the show off:

When it is about getting in touch, show her you are now a better person. If you are wondering how to get your ex girlfriend back, then you must follow this tip. Confidence is the most important thing here. She must not see you emotionally crippled or damaged. Remember you want her love – not her pity. Make her think again how perfect you are.

#6. Time for the real action:

Be confident that you are ready to rebuild your relationship. You should start with an apology. Watch her response carefully. Does she speak out any kind of apology or is she just trying to avoid it?
Now use all your chances to remind her of those good times you had together. Make her feel that you have thought a lot about her, about the relationship and about problems. Pretend that you have find out what those problems are and that you are now trying to fix them.

#7. Go ahead but slowly:

Don’t just tell her that you want to restart the relationship. Tell her about all the changes in your life (not about the sorrow), about meeting new people and doing new things.
You can ask her for a date, only a casual date with no expectations. Gradually, try to win her heart again. I know it is tough but it is not impossible for you since you did it once before.
So if you can successfully convince her that you’ve changed and still love her, then she will surely be happy to be with you again.

Follow all these tips and you will not wonder how to get your ex girlfriend back.

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