How To Completely Captivate A Woman

How To Completely Captivate A Woman

Remember this: Storytelling = Entertainment = Good Time

And if you can show a woman a good time, they’ll always want to be around you!

Now, another interesting fact about naturals with women, is that they always tell the same stories over and over again.

This is because they perfect their stories every time they tell them, and they also know which stories work to get the women they’re talking to interested!

But these stories all have something in common, no matter who is telling what story. There’s one common factor that binds them all together.

It’s the “secret” of every natural ladies man anywhere, and I’m going to share it with you right now.


That’s right. They talk about themselves.

There’s a very specific reason for this that I’ll get to in just a moment.

Now, I cover the art of storytelling in great detail in my book, but I’m going to share some fundamentals here with you so you’ll know how to do it.

The first thing you have to do is KNOW SOME GOOD STORIES.

They should be stories from your life that are entertaining. Beware boring stories! They will KILL the vibe of your interaction.

Next, when you meet a girl on adultfrienedfinder, ask her some questions about herself. Simple things like “Where are you from,” or “What do you like to do.”

Keep asking her about herself until you find something you can relate your story to.

For instance, if she’s from Chicago, and you have a story about living in Chicago or visiting Chicago, that’s the perfect time to tell it!

It’s important to tell stories that relate to the woman’s experience, because that helps you to create a sense of connection with her.

It’s a way of creating a common experience you both share. Remember that old phrase “We have so much in common!”?

Well, that’s important because people gravitate towards that which is familiar. And the more familiar you can make yourself to her, the easier time you’ll have getting a date.

Finally, make sure you’re story is about YOU! I mentioned this before, about how most naturals just talk about themselves, but there’s a reason for doing this beyond seeming self-centered.

When you tell a story that’s fun and entertaining, where YOU’RE the main character, others will associate their good feelings that story creates with YOU.

The more good feelings you can associate with yourself, the easier your job becomes, because trust and comfort are created in your audience.

That’s why so many women are attracted to rock stars and musicians. Their songs create such good feelings inside them, they associate all those feelings to the people playing the songs!

You’re doing the exact same thing, only instead of music, you’re doing it with words.

In my course, The Art Of Approaching, I show you how to craft your own stories and all the elements you need to have in place to totally captivate a woman and get her interested in you.

If you only learn one skill from my book, this is the one to learn!

You can download your copy and be reading it in just a few minutes by clicking below:

The Art Of Approaching

If you can create your own stories where you’re the main character and others will have fun listening to you weave your tale, I guarantee you’ll start to have amazing success with women.

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