Stories of how men meet women

Stories of how men meet women

And there’s even a whole kind of old kind of, if you look at the old stories of the gods and the goddesses and romances happen and just different kind of mythology you see the same thread running through so we know it’s not just a western civilization thing. Because there’s some real biological urges that express themselves in certain stories of how men meet women.

And also, it’s just constantly reinforced in western society and really probably in most societies unless there’s some kind of heavy religion in control or something like that. But in most societies it’s always reinforced. You have these women born with this certain expectation of an event and having almost this pre-programmed reaction to a certain event. And you see that all the time like Johnny Appleseed is one of my favorites.


He was like the original Kung Fu guy from the eighties where he just rolls into town and causes this woman to fall in love with him and then he leaves the next day.

Andy: You got to love him.

Lance: That’s Johnny Appleseed and everybody, every society has a Johnny Appleseed. It’s the outsider who comes in, he’s very powerful, but then he’s very vulnerable in a certain situation and what he’s doing is he’s pushing that Obsession Button. He pushes the button then he gets the hell out of Dodge.

Andy: After he planted the seed.

Lance: After he’s planted the seed. So, really what the obsession button is, is taking this moment that women have been waiting for and biologically they crave it and they’re constantly being reinforced by it even on adultfrinendfinder. Every time they look at a magazine ad it seems like. Every time they see a movie. Every time they read a book, Even these celeb magazines, the stories they make up about how celebrities meet each other. Women are constantly being bombarded by this event and they’re constantly saying when is that stuff going to happen to me?

Andy: Yeah, look at every single Disney movie that’s out there.

Lance: I mean, every movie, even crazy movies even like Vin Diesel movies or even just, you know, “Transformers”, you know any kind of just… It’s in, (if you look you see it and you see it as sub-stories), but it’s constantly there and it’s constantly triggering women and when you learn to do that… Most women they haven’t had this button pushed, that’s what’s really amazing. You know, most women they’re still waiting for it to happen.

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