How To Compliment A Girl

How To Compliment A Girl

We all know that women are romantic creatures. They love to be wined and dined by their man, given flowers and chocolates and be swept off their feet. If you say the right thing in the right way, it’s a free pass to her heart.

In this video, relationship experts, give romance tips: how to compliment a girl and make her melt. Their first piece of advice is to compliment her by saying ‘I love it when you….’ and then say what she does that you love. Or you could say ‘you make me…’ and tell her how she makes you feel good and how she makes your life better.

You should also do things that make her feel special, unique and that no woman in the world compares to her. Often it takes a few simple words to make her melt. ‘I love you’ will always give her butterflies in her stomach. But you must mean it when you say it. A woman can tell when you don’t say it with meaning. You should also tell her that she is beautiful or gorgeous; things like hot or cute don’t always go down well, depending on the situation you are in.

How To Talk To Women Without Freezing Up

Are you a guy who clams up and freezes to the spot when you try to talk to a woman? Do your nerves get the better of you and make you look like a total loser? Then you need to watch this video by, relationship experts, Dan and Jennifer, ‘dating tips: how to talk to women without freezing up’.

The key to stop the awful awkwardness is not to try too hard. When you are too eager to impress, your brain will go into overdrive and panic in attempt to be funny and charming. It is important that you are just yourself! If you put on an act, you will have to keep it up for as long as you are dating, not just to get the first date. So, be honest straight from the start.

You may find it hard to think of something to talk about with a woman, but there is always something to speak about if you relax and let the conversation flow. Talk about things that you have in common, like music, beliefs, hobbies etc. Try not to talk about yourself too much, this is a great turn off to women. You can also sign up at login and practice talking to women there.

Another thing that Dan and Jennifer recommend is to practice talking to girls. Afterall, practice makes perfect. Talk to every woman you can to build your confidence and learn what works and what doesn’t.

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