How To Develop Your Vocal Projection

How To Develop Your Vocal Projection

Throughout the years, practically all seduction or dating “gurus” have come to the conclusion that VOCAL PROJECTION is one of the most important skills that you can work on.

What is vocal projection? Well, its nothing other than talking louder.

For most guys, just by changing this single aspect of themselves and talking louder when around women will get rid of most problems in creating attraction.

Every guy has an internal volume knob that tells them how loud they should or should not be talking… and for most guys on adultfrienedfinder, the normal level of volume is VERY LOW!

The problem with speaking quietly is you’re projecting the following attributes about yourself:

  • I’m weak
  • I lack confidence
  • I don’t want to be heard
  • I don’t mind not being heard
  • And so on an so forth…

Have you ever had someone  say to you “What?”, “Speak up”, “I can’t hear you”… now every time someone tells you to “speak up”, understand that you’ve just lost a social “brownie” point… and it’s your que to TALK LOUDER!

The Benefits Of Vocal Projection

Ok, the great thing about talking LOUD is that it projects the following about you:

  • I am an alpha male
  • I am dominant
  • I don’t care what other people think about what I say
  • I often get attention
  • I am comfortable getting attention
  • I am very socially confident
  • And so on an so forth…

If you could somehow go back in time to exactly 1 year ago from today… and re-lived your past year by changing nothing other than TALKING LOUD… I can guarantee you that you would have created more attraction with women, created more sexual opportunities with women that were using thrusting vibrators, have more male friends, and simply have a better quality of life.

Create Instant Attraction Using Vocal Projection

The benefits of talking louder go on and on… in fact I’ll show you how I often create instant attraction using VOCAL PROJECTION.


This is a technique where you  use vocal projection to open girls  (to openis the act of approaching and  starting a conversation with a random girl).

It’s very simple… simply call out to random girls by saying the following:

“HEY YOU GUYS!… YEAH YOU!… come-here!, come-here!,come-here!”

Say this while using the “come here” hand gesture, and tilting your head back and to the side.

I’ve used the above line (or some variation of it) to call out to girls at the club, the mall, the town square… just not the library obviously.

If you do this right, you’ll find is that girls will typically OBEY your command… and they’ll approach you with a “puppy dog” face, waiting for the next command (waiting for you to pick them up)… this is what I’d call INSTANT ATTRACTION… you’ll just have to see the expression on the girls faces to truly understand what I mean.

The reason WHY it works is simply because I’m projecting dominance and authority over her world… as you can imagine, this is the stuff that women look for in men.

Now if you try this and it DOESN’T work and the girls DON’T come to you… typically  you only did one thing wrong, and that is that you didn’t project enough dominance. Basically it means that you need to call out louder, and be more vigourous with your hand gestures.

How To Develop Your Vocal Projection

Ok the question is, aside from shouting at random girls… HOW do you develop your vocal projection?

Well theres really only one way to develop your vocal projection, and that is to simply make an effort to TALK LOUDER. The biggest problems you’ll find when you try to talk louder will probably be the following:

  • You’re afraid of shouting
  • You’re afraid of other people hearing you
  • You’re afraid of what other people think of what you say
  • You’re afraid of what other people think of you talking loud
  • You’re afraid of looking like a clown
  • And so on an so forth…

The above reasons are probably WHY you’re talking quietly NOW!

First of all, you’ll need to GET OVER the above hurdles and not care about what other people think. Just let go of the need to be “right”. Remember that in order to talk loud, you don’t have to SHOUT… just by raising the volume of your voice will not equate to shouting.

You may find that actually raising the PITCH of your voice will equate to a louder volume. That’s right, by lowering your tone, it will sound more deeper and more masculine but your voice will be quieter… instead if you raise your pitch, you’ll find yourself talking louder.

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