Never Miss An Opportunity When You’re With A Girl

Never Miss An Opportunity When You’re With A Girl

The thing about women is that they’re always providing “opportunities” for you to approach her, attract her, grab her phone number, date her, sleep with her and make her your girlfriend… and it is your JOB as a man to take advantage of those opportunities.

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make is that they MISS the opportunities on adultfrienedfinder when they arise, simply due to not having the GUTS to take advantage of the opportunity or by not seeing the opportunity in the first place.

And what sort of opportunities am I talking about?

Well, what about the following:

  • When a girl makes eye contact with you for a longer period than usual… wanting you to approach her
  • When a girl lingers a little longer with you before joining her friends… wanting you to take her phone number
  • When a girl stares longingly into your eyes… expecting you to make a move and kiss her
  • When a girl takes a little more effort than usual to express her personality to you… wanting you to pick up on it and show interest in her
  • When a girl comes near you or “accidentally” bumps you… wanting you to start a conversation with her
  • When a girl alludes to getting sexual with you in her conversation… wanting you to get sexual with thrusting dildo

The list of “opportunities” that women provide are ENDLESS… and once again, it is your JOB as a man to take advantage of them.

The thing is, when you DO take advantage of opportunities that women provide, it shows her that you have the DOMINANCE and STRENGTH to be her mate… and this is what women are looking for.

At the end of the day, in order to NEVER miss an opportunity with women, you must learn to consistently be doing one thing, and that is… ALWAYS BE CLOSING.

And what do I mean by that?

Well, what you want to do is develop your skills and personality so that you’re ALWAYS taking the actions to advance a relationship with a girl at every chance you get… this is what “closing” is.

And to “always be closing”,  you should be looking at taking any of the following actions whenever you can:

  • Starting conversations whenever a girl is near you
  • Approach every girl you see that takes your fancy
  • Ask a girl for her phone number if you’ve been talking to her for more than 5 minutes
  • Close in for a kiss or “announcing” you’re going to kiss her whenever you get intimate with a girl
  • Ask a girl out for a drink every friday night
  • Call & txt different girls every day
  • Invite girls to join you to a different bar
  • Get a girl to sit or dance with you if you guys are just talking at the bar
  • Touch a girl (e.g. hold her hand, touch her arm, touch her fact)
  • Pull a girl away from her friends and isolate her
  • Invite a girl home with you
  • Initiate sex with a girl

There are many small actions you can take to further a relationship with a girl.  By developing your personality so that you’re constantly chatting to girls, constantly approaching them, constantly asking for their phone numbers, or in other words you’re constantly CLOSING… what you’ll find is that you’ll NEVER miss an opportunity whenever they arrise.

There is one very important note to make here, and that is the fact that you should be taking the above “actions” for the EDUCATIONAL purposes… and NOT for the outcome.

What does that mean you say?

What I means is that you should constantly be approaching women, talking to them, asking for their phone numbers and going for the kiss… for nothing other than the EXPERIENCE of doing it, and you don’t care what the outcome is.

So shouldn’t care whether a girl likes you or not once you’ve approached her, and you shouldn’t care if a girls say “yes” or “no” once you’ve asked for her number, and you shouldn’t care whether she accepts your kiss or not. The thing is, it’s all a learning experience, and by trying different ways to approach her, ask for her phone number, go for the kiss, etc… you will eventually find the methods that work for YOU.

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