Whoa! This Stuff Really Works

Whoa! This Stuff Really Works

I was foolin’ around on the internet this past week and came across your site. At first I thought it joke, but as I read more of the tips, articles, etc. I got very interested in testing some of these “techniques” out. I memorized the most basic of them and went to the club later that night. To my surprise they worked like a charm on the ladies. I found that my greatest short coming with women came from being afraid of rejection and being what you defined as a “watcher” in your article Definition of a player.

That night at the club i found the hottest girl said what the hell and approached her…After about 15 minutes of light conversation (using some of the tips in your Conversation Section) she asked me if I wanted to dance. So I grinded the night away with this gorgeous girl, a little while after it hit me, “It worked! Holy$h*t!” I got home that night and immediately went to your site. I read all of the tips sections and told myself that I would put them to good use the next day.

It’s only been a week since I found your site from someone on adultfriendrfinder and I’ve already read it front to back. My personal favorite is the section on Body Language. I can read EVERY girl I talk to like a book after reading that section. Within the few days that I found your site, I’ve boosted my “sex appeal“, gotten more dates, and met more girls than I have in the last 4 months! I signed up for the Newsletter (which is also a VERY valuable resource) and found that I could contact you. I only thought it right to thank you for everything you’ve helped me accomplish. So THANK YOU!

It’s great to hear of how much my site has helped you. Keep on practicing and putting everything that you’ve learned to use and you will be the envy of every guy in school. I did not learn most of my tricks and techniques until I was half-way through college… so your off to a good head start with this stuff.

biggest part: I just cant ever gather up the balls to go talk to the girl. She’s there, and maybe we’ve made eye contact, but by the time I leave the place, I wont have spoken to her, and I’m kicking myself afterward. I’m at a loss man. Ill keep reading your site and maybe it will hit me like a brick, or a load of them.

You’ve got to stop thinking about it. The second you make eye contact go over and talk to her, because if you stall you will always end up “talking” yourself out of it. Another thing you may find helpful is called visualization. For example, picture yourself walking over to her and striking up a good convo, making her laugh… and ultimately getting her number. The second that you finish visualizing that in your head, go over and execute it. That technique has proved to greatly boost confidence… and will also help to make your conversation with the girl go along smoothly.

By now you know that if you do not initiate the conversation there is a very slim chance that it will ever take place. You’ve got to say “fuck it” and quit worrying about what other people think. After you approach a few women it will become rather easy to do, and the fear will fade away. It’s kind of like getting into a cold pool; you’ve just got to jump in… then the water will get warmer.

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