How To Have A Better First Time

How To Have A Better First Time

A lot of people spend to much time worrying about their first time and losing their virginity, whether its spent worrying that you don’t know what your doing or that your going to do it wrong, or some people may spend a lot of time bragging, well actually lying that they have done it before or several times before and are now actually a pro at it! to hide their fear and protect their ego……

This is not a good idea its a big mistake to imply that you have had lots of sex, a lot of guys do this because they want to look cool or don’t want to admit they’ve never actually had sex, its a big mistake because if you have never had sex your not going to be a pro the first time and your not going to know how her body or what works! Its better to tell her its your first time, remember it isn’t a bad thing, this way she will know that you are learning and that sex will improve with time. Also you will be a lot more comfortable, so your less likely to panic.

As you know safe sex is fun sex, but a lot of people get this wrong the first time as they have never had to use a condom, for instance if the condom is too tight you may lose your erection, if its too lose it may slip off during intercourse and you could be having unprotected sex without even realizing it! the right condom will feel much better and you wont have to worry about safety. So to figure this out before hand check out a variety of packs before hand and find out which one suites you.

Another important factor is communication, just like i said at the start about people boasting that they have had sex before as they are too proud or afraid well the same gos during sex, some guys are too proud or afraid to ask what she likes, this is silly because the more you talk and ask the girl the better you will know her body which in turn will lead to you being able to give her better orgasms.

Don’t go in there thinking your Ron Jeremy the porn star! The first time you do it you are going to be full of excitement but in order to really enjoy it your going to have to learn to relax as you can read also on adultfrienedfinder blog. Not being relaxed can lead to a lot of problems such as cumming too soon to not even being able to get an erection. So don’t try to use all kinds of crazy techniques your firs time because it will make you a lot more nervous, so just focus on relaxing and doing what comes naturally, learn to do this…… Then you can start using the more advanced stuff!

As I’ve mentioned above a few times sex isn’t going to be heaven on earth the first time and some of your expectations are going to be squashed, but the one thing you can rely on is that sex is going to get a lot BETTER with time and practice, for some reason most people have been lead to believe that their first time will be magical but this just isn’t true, its like everything to more you do it the better it gets. So have fun, relax & enjoy  Keep reading our dating tips.

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