Stop Thinking = No More Fear

Stop Thinking = No More Fear

People, when looked at as a whole… are good natured. They avoid being honest and try not to be mean to others simply because most want to avoid conflicts. Why? Simple, because they are afraid of conflict… it’s for this very reason that you are scared of rejection… and it is also the reason why you shouldn’t be!

Did I lose ya? Let me explain :

You are afraid to approach women on adultfrienedfinder because you don’t want to put yourself in a situation in which you will make a mistake that will lead you into a conflict of interest with the girl and she will turn you down. On the other hand… since about 9 out of 10 people are scared of conflict just like you, you have a 90% chance that the girl you are approaching is afraid of conflict as well… which means that she will do almost anything in her power to avoid getting in a conflict with you. Think about it, she has no idea who you are and what kind of guy you are… she does not know that you won’t get pissed off and start calling her ugly and other names if she rejects you… so she’ll avoid that by all means. How will she avoid that? By either telling you she has a boyfriend or giving you a fake number… and that is the WORST case scenario. Chances are she’ll give you a shot just because you had to balls to approach her… even if you stutter the whole time and start sweating like a pig. It’s true!

Men are natural initiators, we are the sex that have evolved into those that are by the laws of nature supposed to court the women… so we are the ones who need to set everything into motion. I don’t care who you are, what you look like or where you came from… if you have a penis then this trait is built into you just like the rest of us, you just need to learn how to control it. You also need to understand that because we possess this trait and women do not (at least not built in like we do), this makes us the dominant sex… and chances are any girl you approach will be more scared and nervous than you.

Now think about this : If you approach a girl and she is so nervous that she makes every mistake in the book… forgets what to say, doesn’t look you in the eye, and just overall makes a complete fool out of herself… would you forget about her and just walk away even though she is hot? Hell freakin’ no you wouldn’t! So why would a girl reject you just for making a few mistakes if she thinks your attractive? She won’t, period.

It’s our job as men to choose which women to approach, it’s our job to get everything started. If you think that’s hard then think about a woman’s job… they make the babies! I don’t know about you but I’d rather get rejected by every woman on earth than have a nine pound kid pop out my ass.

Ok, now pump your brakes and stop for a minute. Think about everything that I just said and let it all soak in, you are gonna need to remember some of that stuff… and if you forget it, come back and read this again. Why do I want you to remember it all? You need to tell yourself those things every day : Most people are scared of conflict… most girls won’t reject me because of that… men are natural initiators… that trait is inside of me… if situations were reversed, I wouldn’t reject the girl so she probably won’t reject me… it’s not such a big deal anyway. Remember those highlights and tell them to yourself every day… out loud in front of the mirror if you have to, whatever it takes to program it into your mind and make yourself believe it… because once you believe it all you need to do is think about it before you approach a girl and your mind will be at ease… free for you to use it to pick her up.

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