How to Impress a Girl

How to Impress a Girl

Life is not like some TV comedy or screwball movie. You can forget about the tricks and games, if you want to know how to impress a girl, you just have to follow a few simple rules. Confidence, honesty and attention are key. Master those skills, and you will see that it is not difficult at all to seduce women.

The most important rule when it comes to knowing how to impress a girl, is to appear confident. That doesn’t mean act cocky, like your crap doesn’t stink. It means, be sure of yourself and who you are. Clean yourself up, shower, shave and dress smart. Women have very sensitive noses, and they love the fresh soapy smell that comes off of a clean man. If you want to seduce women, go easy on the cologne!

Conversation skills are important. When you are talking, look into her eyes. If you want to know how to impress a girl, keep the eyes on her face, not her boobs. Women do not like to be treated like an object. If you want to seduce women, listen to what they say, even if it’s boring. Ask her relevant questions. She will love the attention.
Show off your sense of humor. This is not a time to bring out the fart jokes you learned when you were seven, but it is a good time to make fun observations about the world that make her laugh. If you have a good relationship with your family, tell some funny stories about them. A simple method for how to impress a girl is to show that you come from a stable background, and that you have healthy relationships with your family.

Let her know that you are sensitive, but not overly emotional. You will never be able to seduce women if you are constantly upset or teary about what the world is “doing to you”. And whatever else you do or say, if you want to know how to impress a girl, do NOT badmouth your ex-girlfriend you met at adultfrienedfinder app. Not ever. If she asks about your past relationships, just say, you’d prefer not to talk about it.

It’s not difficult to learn how to impress a girl. Again, most of all you want to show you are confident, honest and attentive. Don’t play mind games. When you go out on a date, call the next day just to say hi, don’t make her wait and wonder. Once you have mastered these simple skills for impressing women, you will be able to Seduce Women Like a King!

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