Dress to Impress Women on Your First Date

Dress to Impress Women on Your First Date

Being yourself on the first date is important, but it would all be meaningless if you do not dress well. The common advice most people get when they are given first date dress tips is all about colors this and style that. Strangely and mistakenly overlooked is the need for personal hygiene and to match your clothes. Another thing most advisers overlook is the ‘advisee’s’ economic status. Women and pretty much anyone else can judge how well off you are just by looking at your clothes. Cheap clothing might get you shot down even before you open your mouth when you are on a mission to seduce women. So make sure you dress to impress women.

First date dressing tips:

Be clean

This shouldn’t have to be listed but since proper grooming takes some effort and care, we will mention it anyway. Being clean on your first date shows that you took the time and effort to get ready. It tells the woman that you think she is worth it. You cannot be clean to a woman’s level for theirs is a national mass movement that can take days in the making.


You might not take it seriously, but mismatching your clothes sends a certain message to the female counterparts. You can smile all you want but if you mismatch as little as your socks then they can tell that you are in slight turmoil. But if half your outfit is not matching with the rest of you, then this tells them that you are a person who knows not what they want. That is not a good thing. Dress to impress women.

Smell Fresh

Women are predatory and they like how their men smell. If you do not smell good or at the very least fresh, she will take it to mean that you did not take the time to prepare properly for this date and that you do not think she is worth it. And it’s not how you seduce women. This doesn’t mean that you take a shower in your cologne though. That is a turn off. Later on in the relationship, you might find that your lady likes the smell of your sweat. Shower regularly non the less.

Pay attention to the shoes

Lets face it, women love shoes. When it comes to man, women can judge how well off and how generous he is by the kind of shoes he wears. So, if you want to seduce women at adultfrienedfinder app, be sure to wear something classy and that doesn’t look like it’s seen a few centuries worth of road. Women will not keep around a man that they pay everything for. They might offer to pay every now and then, but they still want to be taken care of. This is to lure you in.

Dress you class

If you do not have a particular style or a particularly expensive taste in clothing, then the best option is to dress your class. There is nothing worse than putting on a $5000 suit then acting like a $2 bum. Women will take this a sign of your ingenuity and label you a cheater.

Just as men are visual creatures, women also take a lot of your appearance into consideration when deciding whether or not you are worth it. Dress to impress and Seduce Women Like a King!

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