How to Keep a Woman Interested In You

How to Keep a Woman Interested In You

She was perfect. It was just your first date, but you know it. You want to pursue this further, but you don’t know how she feels. How can you make sure that she asks for another date … and another … and the next … until she can’t keep her hands off from you?

First of all, I’ll let you know THREE things I believe:

  • Most guys who are in long-term relationships are settling due to their previous lack of successes with relationships and their lack of knowledge about how to keep a women.
  • When you begin to understand women more, you will realize that most women are NOT the type of woman you would want to have a long-term relationship with. There are not many 10/10’s out there.
  • If you eventually do meet and attract a great woman that you really, really like, it is essential that you handle the situation RIGHTif you want to keep her.

How do you know if she’s worth the effort? If you actually worry about things like how long you should wait to call, whether you should send a text or email or pick up that phone, then you probably like her enough to want to see if this becomes a relationship.

Once you’ve sussed out your gut feeling and decided to go for it, the first thing you need to know is what a woman on adultfrienedfinder expects you to do next. You should know:

  • If she is an attractive woman, then you are probably not the first man to have shown an interest. She probably has a lot of experience with men wanting to start a relationship.
  • If she is hot, you can expect that:
  • She has been approached by men a lot!
  • Most men that she dates end up following her around like a puppy dog.
  • She sees a guy who is overly nice as “needy” and is turned off.

Believe it or not … beautiful women are more attracted by men who pull them in, then push them away just a bit, than by men who try to reel them in with all the romantic gestures they can think of.

It all comes down to one simple question: How do you get someone to want something?

Take a minute to think about why people want things in the first place. Can you make someone want something that they didn’t want before? What are the things that you want, and why do you want them? Ask yourself why nightclubs have lines of people on the street waiting to get in, even when the nightclub has plenty of space inside. Why do so many people purchase shirts that are brand name, like Nike or Calvin Klein, when they can get the same shirt without the brand name for less money?

What did you notice about those examples? I think that it is obvious that:

  • Most people want things for non-logical reasons.
  • People want what they don’t have and can’t have. They also get bored fast when they get what they want.
  • Knowing that something is available easily makes us lose interest.

Stop for a moment and think about this. Are you easily available? Does she have any reason to want you?

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