How To Sustain A Long-Term Relationship

How To Sustain A Long-Term Relationship

There is only ONE word to describe what provides you with great skills with women.

And that one word is… EXPERIENCE.

Experience with women comes from getting into interactions & getting into relationships. The more experience you have with women, the greater success you will have with women… and this is especially true when it comes to sustaining long-term relationships.

The reason why I bring this up is that most guys that have very little skills with women typically think the following: “The next relationship I get into… she will be the ONE, she will be the ONE girl that I need for the rest of my life”.

The fact is, if you lack the proper skills with women, you will eventually fail with EVERY girl you get into a relationship with… yes thats right, EVERY girl.

You must understand that depending upon who you are, it will take numerous short-term relationships before you will have the skills to sustain a commited long-term relationship… and you must also LEARN to develop yourself with every short-term relationship you start on adultfrienedfinder, or else you will keep making the same relationship mistakes.

There is one quality that will eventually put an end to every relationship if you don’t have it under control, and this quality is NEEDINESS.

Neediness is the element of needing the other person… and needing the other person too much will result in the following actions when you’re in a relationship:

  • Calling her too much
  • Getting jealous when she’s talking to other guys
  • Expressing your feelings for her too much too early (thinking it will deepen the relationship)
  • NOT continuing to stimulate her emotions by teasing and making fun of her (fearing it will end the relationship)
  • NOT calling a girl out on her mis-behaviours like using thrusting vibrator (fearing it will end the relationship)
  • Letting the girl control the relationship (thinking it will prolong the relationship)

Practically every guy in the world will start off exibiting a LOT of neediness if they’ve been in very few relationship. But with every relationship that you get into, as long as you learn from every relationship, you will be able to slowly rid the neediness that you exibit, until eventually you’ll find the perfect balance to sustain a commited long-term relationship.

Just to give you an example, I remember with the first relationships I got into, they ended due a result of too much neediness. I remember telling one girl “I love you” after just a couple of weeks… and her giving me that weird look.

Slowly other the course of mutiple relationships, I learnt to sustain a long-term relationship by projecting a balance of both wanting her & showing affection (neediness), and NOT wanting her & teasing (independence), as well as a balance between letting her control the relationship (a result of neediness), and YOU controling the relationship (a result of independence).

At the end of the day, in order to learn how to sustain healthy long-term relationships, you must first look to get into as many short-term relationships as you can, where you learn to develop yourself as a man at every one.

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