How To Keep A Woman’s Attention

How To Keep A Woman’s Attention

We’ve all been there.

In the middle of a conversation with a girl when WHAM!

And you have NO IDEA what to say next.

Maybe you even prepared to have things to say but you’ve totally forgotten what they are. And then you become uncomfortable about the silence which makes it even worse.

And after a few moments, you’ve lost her attention.

She starts looking around the room for her other friends or ANYONE to talk to in order to escape the weird silence.

It really sucks and I can emphasize with you.

I’ve been there myself.

It’s kind of like standing in front of a crowd in just your underwear.

You see, women on adultfrienedfinder like to be ENTERTAINED and if you’re not interesting enough, they’ll hover about from group to group until they find someone more interesting. In other words, their attention spans are short and you if you hit a brick wall with your words you’ll lose them.

Other times you just lose your conversational momentum. Perhaps you’re telling a group of two girls stories or in conversational foreplay with them. But for some reason they’re disengaging from the conversation.

Their eyes wander.

They look distracted.

They turn their bodies slightly away from you.

You’re about to lose the group and you can feel it.

There’s a remedy for this: you have to capture their curiosity.

And let it HANG.

Television producers discovered this trick a long time ago.

When television shows would break for 5 minutes of commercials, a lot of viewers would switch channels – and never come back.

Producers had to find a way of keeping their viewers watching through the commercials – or else they would lose money – and go out of business.

They cleverly found that ending the segment on a “cliffhanger” – a suspenseful situation in which you don’t know what will happen next – kept viewers watching through the commercials instead of changing the channel.

Notice how a lot of shows end the halfway segment on an unresolved high point of a tension – before immediately breaking for commercials.

Sometimes you can even predict when the commercials are about to become by looking for the high point of tension that would leave you “hanging”.

The basic psychological mechanism behind cliffhangers is that they create TENSION and CURIOSITY. The viewer wants to find out what will happen next – no matter how lame the actually show is – because humans have a natural instinct to RESOLVE their curiosity and the unknown.

You also want to create a “cliffhanger” in your conversation to snap right back a woman’s attention.

And a cliffhanger will work no matter how downhill your conversation has gone.

Consider it “DEUX EX MACHINA” which is Latin for “God from the machine”.

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