How To Effectively Approach & Seduce Any Girl

How To Effectively Approach & Seduce Any Girl

The whole reason for bouncing a girl is because the act of going to different places together actually DISTORTS time… and for her, it creates a false sense of having known you for a long time. So, when you take a girl to two or three different locations throughout an evening, afterwards she will feel like you guys have been friends for a lot longer than you have.

You must understand that in order to be able to bounce a girl to a difference location, you must first reach “Cling Point”… because by reaching Cling Point, she will “cling” to you and will be willing to go with you.

If you initially approached a group of girls, you will need to “bounce” the whole group which actually is not as difficult as it sounds… but in order to do so, you will need to befriend the whole group first.

If the group you approached is fairly large, what will typically happen is that the girl you have attracted will invite you along with them, which is fantastic.


After the Bounce comes Isolate, which is the act of isolatingthe girl… or in other words, ”getting her alone”. In order to get sexual with a girl, getting her alone to a more intimate location is VITAL. When I say “intimate location”, it could mean on a couch at the bar, on your bed at home or anywhere else where you can be comfortable, close to her and have an intimate conversation.

You will typically always find women at bars and nightclubs hanging around with at least one other friend… hardly ever are they alone.

The reason why getting her alone is vital is because a girl will feel UNCOMFORTABLE getting sexual in front of her friends in fear of being labeled “slutty” or “horny”. By getting her alone, it will make it that much easier to make-out with her, get her thinking about sex and thrusting dildo (which is the next step) and making plans for her to come home with you.

If you initially approached a girl from adultfrienedfinder that was by herself, then obviously there will be no need to isolate her, though in such case you would still want to extract her to a more intimate location.

Sometimes even if she was with her friends, the girl will choose to isolate herself from her friends just to be with you, or her friends will choose to allow to you to be alone with her… either way, you really need to befriend her friends first.

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