How To Lead On A Date

How To Lead On A Date

Here are 10 ways you can lead on a date:

1) Hug Her At The Door: Use the hug trick I showed you a few articles ago.

2) Have The Date And Time Planned: Have the date and time planned BEFORE you ask her out.

3) Chivalry: Open doors and pull out chairs CASUALLY. Don’t do it to impress or please her. Do it because it’s part of you. (Trick: Don’t act eager)

4) Protect Her: Put a hand on her lower back in crowd situations. Protect her.

5) Don’t Ask For Permission: Don’t ever ask her permission for ANYTHING.

6) Be Decisive: Don’t bother her with questions on details such as where to sit or where to go. Make the decisions yourself and she will tell you if she doesn’t like it.

7) Do the talking: Do the talking if there’s any kind of trouble (with a waiter, etc…) Don’t expect her to bail you out of anything. (I know a guy who once let a girl get harassed by a bouncer without doing anything…so yes…these spineless guys DO exist!)

8) Be A Master Of The Environment: Act comfortable with the environment at all times, no matter where you are.

9) Be Comfortable And Relaxed: Remember that leaders can put people in ease by being relaxed and comfortable themselves.

10) Don’t Fall For Her “Tests”: More on this in another future article.

A Nice Pausing Trick To Use On Women…And Men

In negotiatons, the first person to speak during a period of silence will often lose the negotation.

In adultfrienedfinder app dating, you can use the similar concept to show your dominance in front of a woman or man.

For example, let’s say that you are on a date with a woman and she’s being unreasonable. She is trying to justify a bad decision with some logic that doesn’t really make sense.

Instead of arguing, just keep looking at her like you’re expecting her to explain further.

Most of the time, she will. Just keep on doing this until she breaks down and realizes that she is talking in a circle and not being reasonable.

Then move in, give her a hug, and give her a compromise out of your sweetness.

Or let’s say you’ll talking to a woman and another guy is trying to “alpha” you. Instead of responding to him, just look at him, pause, raise your eyebrow like he is an idiot, and then ignore him.

This will piss him off more than any smartass line, because you’re not even giving him a chance!

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