How to Leave a Long-Lasting-Impression on Your First Date

How to Leave a Long-Lasting-Impression on Your First Date

‘The first impression is the best impression’. This is a saying that is very much practical in all fields of life. The first impression you give in school, at work and even on your first date can either make or break a relationship. In fact, it has been proven through studies that it is during the first 30 seconds of the first date that the pair determines if their relationship will be pursued. This is why you have to leave a lasting impression on the first date.

In a bid to leave a lasting first impression, it is not advisable to try acting like someone he likes like his ex adultfrienedfinder girlfriend or perhaps a model or actress he admires. Neither is it advisable to try out new hairstyles and eyebrow shapes on the first date. The most important thing to remember for the first date is to be as relaxed, and as yourself as possible.

The best means of getting a man’s attention on the first date is to pay him a lot of attention. Instead of just talking about yourself, you have to ask him questions. He would be most happy if ask about his job and sports he is interested in. however don’t press too much into personal matters lest he feels you are acting as an interrogator and getting to become too personal.

Most important, you have to check your emotional baggage at home as the first date is not the time to talk about your cheating ex-boyfriend, your psychotic boss or your alcoholic mother. Remember, this man is your potential lover and not a therapist to listen to your woes. Though anything can go wrong on a date like wine spilling on a white dress or a flat tire, you have to keep your cool, and your sense of humor.

It is important that you remember that there are three areas that are responsible for creating a great first impression. The first is your non-verbal communication or in other words, body language. This means it is not what you say on the first date, but how you say it that determines its outcome. Make sure you are standing tall, smiling and presenting yourself positively on your first date. You should also sound self-assured, calm and relaxed on the first date.

The second important area is that you have to have a clear and pleasant tone of voice. Avoid projecting anger as you will then be remembered as the ‘angry girl’ while stammering and stuttering should be avoided if you get it when nervous. Practice in front of the mirror to overcome all this and gain self-confidence. The last thing to remember on the first date is to say the right things at the right moment. Don’t say immature or foolish things; instead pass a sincere compliment to your date.

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So when off to your next date, bear all these things in mind and you are sure to leave a very long lasting impression on your first date.

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