Girlfriend Snatcher

Girlfriend Snatcher

I know this girl that already has a boyfriend, but she treats me better than she treats him. She flirts with me but I refuse to flirt back because I think that it’s wrong. We seem to talk very well too. What should i do?

If I were in your position (and I have been before), only one factor could make me decide against getting with this girl. I strongly believe in loyalty between friends, and if you are good friends with her boyfriend, then my advice is to maintain your neutral position. Women come and go… so do most friends, but women tend to come and go as fast as the mailman. However, everything IS fair in love and war – if you are simply acquainted with her boyfriend, or don’t know him at all, then you would be neglecting yourself if you did not jump on this opportunity. One of the major things that separates us players from the rest is that we never miss a golden opportunity such as the one your are currently being presented with. Trust me, if you don’t make a move you will always be wondering “What if”.

Another thing you should be asking yourself is why would she be flirting and talking with you so much. It is obvious that she is not happy with her current relationship in some way, or that she notices qualities in you that her boyfriend lacks. Either way, she feels that she would be more happy with you, so my advice is to make her more happy 🙂

P.S. Taking someone else’s girl is a complicated task. Take is slow at first, maybe just mildly flirting back one day, then stepping it up a notch the next. Keep me informed and I’ll guide you through it. I also suggest that you use my “attention trick” which has proved to be extremely effective in situations like yours. You can find it on my web site in the rulebook section, #4 under the top 10 rules.

What’s up? I need some personal advice from you about this girl I met on adultfriendrfinder because I can’t find a solution on the website…

-The Player
Well, I hooked up with her about three days ago, and have not heard from her since. I don’t know what to do when I see her, should I hug her or take her on a date? Please tell me the steps.

Don’t act like it’s a big deal at all, you want her to think that you hook up with new people all the time. Girls are attracted to men that appear to be “in demand”, so if you want her to REALLY want you… badly, then do the following:

The next time you see her act casual and comfortable, as if you never even hooked up at all. Make sure you don’t talk to her for a long time, 3 minutes max, then tell her you’ve got to go do something and leave. Girls are also attracted to men that are busy all the time, this makes you not look boring. Because you’ve practically ignored her, which will drive her crazy, she will begin wondering if she did something wrong when you hooked up, and you will be on her mind 24/7, which is a very good thing. Wait another day or two, then meet up with her again. This time your going to ask her out, and she will say yes because she has been thinking about you so much, and you did not appear to be desperate at all since you did not pay much attention to her the previous day.

When you ask her out do it with confidence and say something that does not sound like you really want her that bad. Most guys make the mistake of saying something lame like “Do you want to go out sometime?”, which only sets them up for rejection. You must say it in a way that will give her the impression that you are used to getting what you want. What I’ve found to be very effective is “I want to take you out sometime, what do you say?”. That almost sounds demanding, which… believe it or not, women love.

Hope this help, let me know how things work out…

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