How to Pick up Women at the Gym in 2 Weeks

How to Pick up Women at the Gym in 2 Weeks

Going to the gym has benefits. Not only do you work out your body to look great, but you’re around hotties dressed in some revealing workout clothes. Do you know how to pick up women at the gym? You have to take a different approach than you would in a club or bar because this isn’t a one night rush job, it’s slow and steady. However, the time spent is totally worth it because, not only do you seduce women, you also get a shot at her friends, and you get a rock hard body.

Set the stage for yourself before you start to seduce women. When you start going to the gym, get to know the employees, greet the staff, make it a point to talk to the managers and trainers. Talk to people, men and women, and not just the cuties! You want to be that great guy that people like and trust. Be natural, don’t force it. Women will notice, and they will relax around you, and maybe even start seeking your attention. Also, make sure you know how to use the equipment correctly, and start getting yourself in shape, ask for pointers if you need to.

You want to know how to pick up women at the gym? Be their friend first like you were used to when using adultfrienedfinder app. Give her some tips if she needs help with equipment, fill her water bottle if you notice it’s empty, compliment her form, spot her when she’s working weights, maybe even ask her to spot you. What you absolutely do not do when you want to seduce women? Don’t stare at all of the hot girls. Girls all come with an internal warning system, and they hate being stared at or followed. Don’t be the gym creeper. Don’t make grunting noises, don’t flex in front of the mirror, and don’t spend a lot of time admiring yourself. No woman wants a narcissist. Don’t touch a woman, or say something crude like “what a tight ass you have!” And please, whatever else you do, wipe off the equipment after you are done using it! A woman might want to roll around in your sweat when she’s in bed with you, but no one wants to lean into a wet gym bench.

Remember, friend first. Take it easy, take it slow, and you will be in. Here’s a simple timeline.

  • The first few days you establish yourself as a non-threatening person. Smile, but don’t approach.
  • Day three, if you see she’s returning the eye contact, make a comment. Ask her opinion about a piece of equipment. Don’t linger in her space! Go back to your workout.
  • On the fourth day, break the ice. Tell her your name, offer to spot her or fill her water bottle.
  • When you get to day five, pay attention to her cues. Is she looking for you when you walk into the gym? Is she approaching you?
  • Now is the time to make a move. Ask if she and her friends would like to go to coffee. Asking her friends will make you appear safe, and you will meet few more single women, which means more potential hook ups.
  • After the coffee “date”, go ahead and ask for a one on one date.

Going to the gym is not only a great way to seduce women, you can work on your strength and stamina so that when you do meet that right cutie, you can go all night long. The key to how to pick up women at the gym is to know the rules, follow the guidelines and you will soon Seduce Women Like a King!

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