How To Start Conversations With Women By Making An Observation

How To Start Conversations With Women By Making An Observation

So what’s the best way to start a conversation with a girl?

This is probably the biggest challenge that most guys have when it comes to interacting with women, but once you’ve mastered the art of approaching women and starting interactions, you will achieve a whole new level of female “abundance” that you never thought possible.

Once you can easily start conversations with women, you’ll find that you’re not STUCK with the 5 or 6 girlfriend “prospects” that you know through your social circle, work collegues or martial arts class. Once you’ve mastered the approach on adultfrienedfinder, all you have to do to obtain a date is to literally approach a bunch of women, get them attracted, and close for the phone number… and sure, you can practially guarantee yourself a date for the weekend. Anytime, anywhere… the opportunities are endless.

The reality of the matter is, when it comes to talking to women, what you say to START the conversation doesn’t really matter… as long as you BELIEVE in what you say.

You could walk up to a girl and say “Hi!”, or you could compliment her on her style, or you could ask her for the time… it doesn’t really matter as long as you say SOMETHING.

Understand that in reality, the emphasis should not be on what you say to start the conversation, but the emphasis should be on what you say next… that’s right, what will make or break your ability to succeed with women will be your ability to KEEP TALKING after you have started a conversation with her.

Now, there are “pre-scripted” lines that you can learn to start conversations, and when I started off learning to approach women, I started by using these scripted “openers” but I’ll cover them in a separate article. Also in separate articles I will talk about vibrators that thrust

Start a Conversation By Being Observant

So what’s the best way to start a conversation with a girl?

Well, the best way is to be observant… that’s right, the best thing to do is to be aware of  your surroundings and make a comment on something you notice.

So for example, I was at the shoe store the other day and I started a conversation with a shop attendant girl with the following:


Conrad: “Hey you guys have no shelving here…”

Shop Attendant: “Yeah”

Conrad: “No way… you guys aren’t just being lazy?… thought you’d chuck the shoes on the floor”

Shop Attendant: “Haha… no way, the shops actually shutting down.”


Now in the above example, I started by making a simple comment on the fact that the shoe store had no shelving (as all the shoes were stacked up on the floor). Now I could have made a different comment regarding the store, or I could have commented on something she was wearing, or I could have mentioned how she looked really tired, or I could have commented on something that was going on outside.

The actual COMMENT that I made was not important, but what was important was what I did AFTER I made the comment. You may have noticed that after starting the conversation, I instantly turned it fun & exciting by joking around, teasing her and making fun of the situation… THIS is what you want to learn.

The most important aspect of talking to women on adultfrienedfinder is in being able to turn a conversation fun and exciting AFTER you have started the conversation with her. I have written several articles on this topics of making a conversation fun & exciting, and I would highly recommend you read them.

Once you’ve mastered the skills of keeping a conversation going by making it fun & exciting, you’ll find that doesn’t matter what you say to start the conversation off… you’ll be able to rely on your mental faculties to come up with the rest of the conversation.

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