How To Instantly Turn A Conversation Fun And Exciting

How To Instantly Turn A Conversation Fun And Exciting

I’m sitting here at work, busy txting a few girls and I’ve just noticed a very important tactic that I use to build rapport and attraction with women. This “tactic” really has to do with making a conversation “fun and exciting”… INSTANTLY.

The reason this is important, and I’ve repeated this many times over, is because at the end of the day, women are most importantly looking for emotional stimulation and if you give it to her, she will love you for it. Now, the easiest and quickest way to provide emotional stimulation is to turn a conversation “fun and exciting”… and you do this by making the conversation creatively illogical. I’ll show you what I mean.


As an example, I recieved the following loooonnnnggg txt message:

Beth: A guy cum n2 my wrk n tried getn me 2go 2 a metn on mondy bowt how 2 make millionz in 7mins & i thort ov u. it usualy coz $400 2 got th metn but this 1z free!

Translation: A guy came to my work trying to get me to go to a meeting on “how to make money”, it made me think of you. (Since she knows I’m into business & making money)

So, how did I instantly make the conversation “fun and exciting”… well, I responded with the following:

Conrad: Cool. Yup, been ther done that. @ my meetings we draw pictures using crayons… U keen?

Beth: I Luv crayon drawings! What u got pland 4 th wknd?


So what happened here was that she txts me about how the guy from adultfrienedfinder came in talking about a “meeting” on making money. Now an ordinary guy would respond with something LOGICAL, RATIONAL and SERIOUS… and the only way to describe that is boring!

In order to make the conversation “fun and exciting”, I took the word “meeting” and used free association to relate that word to something creatively illogical. In my mind, I imagined having a “meeting for kids”… and that’s where the “draw pictures using crayons” came from. The end result was fun and laughter!

Does this work every time? NO, of course it doesn’t and I’ve gotten it wrong more times than I can remember… but if you do it right, women can’t help but become attracted to you!

The above example is in txting form… but the same principles can be applyed to face to face conversations.


Here’s another example from yesterday at work, a girl called Lisa txted me the following:

Lisa: Hey its lisa. Sorry about lastnight. I had to go back to the movie immmediately…

(I had called her the night before but she had cut the call off early)

Conrad: No worries. They’r havin a talent quest @ the mall here… U sing or danc?

Lisa: Nah im 2 good 4 that lol… jst kidding, I am just using thrusting vibrators.


In the above example, Lisa txted in with a serious comment… which is NOT how I role. So I immediately made the conversation “fun and exciting” by txting back something creatively illogical by asking her to join the talent quest.

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