Open Invitation

Open Invitation

I don’t know if I am really submitting a “tip” but I could not find a link to contact you. I have a suggestion / Question..

I was recently at a club and was observing others, some were friends and others were just people trying to “PLAY”. One thing I noticed was that one of my friends used a closing line. During the time we spent at the club we met a few people (men and women), basically networking around. But every time we would met someone and finished out conversation my buddy would depart saying the following..

“Remember, my name is __, next time you see me don’t be too shy to say hello, and well have a drink”

I thought this was FANTASTIC !!! It was a closing line that invited the newly met person back into your environment next time you see them around. So my question / suggestion is , have you ever thought of having a section on your site for such lines. They are not as flattering as pickup lines but they are lines that can make and leave impression with the person you met. Sometimes you don’t pick up the girl the first night you meet her. You may see her a week late at a bar again and usually the shy people will not even go back and talk to that person cause they assume that they did not get her the first night they will not get them this time around. But if there were lines that others may have out there to help with inviting people back to you comfortably it may help out also!

Just a thought, Keep up the good work on your site,

That’s a really good tip, and I’ll definitely keep that in mind for the web site in the future. Until then I’m sure everyone can get the general idea of how this tactic works on adultfriendrfinder by your description, and can use it to their advantage.

Thanks for the great idea,

My problem is that I am interested in a girl who works at a coffee shop. I only see this girl while she is working and I am 99% per-cent certain that she is interested in me because of her body language, however I feel it might be a bad move to ‘ask her out’ while she is working. Do you agree?

Yes, it is correct that you should not ask a woman out while she is working. However, that rule only applies to certain job types, being: stripper, waitress, hair stylist, bartender, or any other job where the woman is in “her element”. I don’t see any reason why you should not ask this girl out, because her job falls into the “normal job” category, she is not used to being hit on by men all day long like the women with job’s like those described above are… and should be quite receptive to you if her interest levels are as you mentioned.

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