Romantic getaways are a positive way to move a romantic relationship to the next level!

But how do you prevent them from turning into disasters…that doom your romance relationship before it gets a chance to really get off of the ground?

By putting in a little forethought into the trip!

It makes no difference if your getaway is for two days or a week…here’s a few tips to really help make it a roaring success.

From the AskMichaela files:

  • Pack Lightly for your romantic getaway. It’s a turn off for a guy (or a girl) to be lugging twelve pieces of luggage through an airport.
  • Bring enough cash as though you were traveling alone. You are trying to get to know him/her, not borrow money. A lot of things require cash (bellboys, room service, taxi driver, etc.) Generosity goes a long way to fostering the bond between you. This is not a time to pinch pennies…you can do that at home.
  • Call the hotel the afternoon before you leave, to confirm your reservation. Nothing is worse than getting there and finding out they gave your room to somebody else. It’s anything but romantic to be driving around looking for some place to stay in a strange place! Call before you go!
  • Bring the essentials that you will need. What I mean by this is personal things like condoms, spermicide, and an extra toothbrush for him, etc. I know that he is supposed to remember the condoms, but listen…do really want to go out in the pouring rain to find a store, in a strange place? Worse yet…do want to go to the front desk and explain why you need contraception after housekeeping has left for the day? Just asking!
  • Plan what you will be doing. Generally…the guy…if he has invited you has done this…but you should do it anyway and keep the list of ideas zipped away in your luggage. That way…if he seems unsure about what he thought of…you can take out your list and say, “Hey…I didn’t know if you wanted me to do this…but…” Be polite!
  • Bring enough film and batteries, or a way to re-charge your camera! Most people are flattered if you want to take their picture.
  • Think carefully about what you will wear on this trip! This isn’t an ordinary vacation…you may wind up marrying this person…and pictures are forever.
  • Only pack your best-looking underwear and nightclothes. I caught a guy that I went to Barbados with snooping through my underwear. He looked very embarrassed and then said, “Looking at feminine under things really turns me on!” I casually said, “I didn’t mind” and we never made it outside the door the rest of the day! Wow!
  • Stay off of the telephone and focus on him/her. You can talk to your friends, your mother, and your sister… at home.
  • Don’t make a big deal over something not working out. You can’t predict the weather, flight delays, missed flights, etc. Take the good with the bad and just enjoy being together.

Bon Voyage! Have fun on your romantic getaways! I say that plural because I hope you have several!

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