How To Tease Your Girlfriend

How To Tease Your Girlfriend

I am often asked, “How should I tease a woman once I’m in a relationship with her?”

The answer is quite simple. You do the same things you’ve always done…except for ONE thing:

You now only tease her ALONE, but not in front of other people.

When you’re courting a woman, you should tease her in front of other people so that you’ll raise your own social proof, lower her social proof, and also act like a challenge.

But that changes once you get into a relationship with a woman you met on login.

If you tease your girlfriend in front of other people, it will seem like you’re putting her down.

It will appear you care more about your buddies (or other women in the room) than you care about her.

At the same time, you don’t want to stop teasing her because you don’t want the attraction to drop.

So the solution is to do it when there aren’t any other people nearby.

Make the teasing part of the “bubble” that is around the two of you.

Make it seem like you tease her because you’re STILL in love with her.

Here’s one rule you can go by:

Compliment her when you’re in front of other people, and tease her when you’re alone!

Should You Get Your Ex Back?

A question that I am asked all the time is, “Marius, should I get my ex back?”

Well…it depends…

If you are thinking about getting your ex back, the first thing you should think about is why you guys broke up in the first place, as in if it was a character or an attraction issue. If it’s just an attraction or communication issue, then by all means try to raise the attraction and save your relationship.

But if you guys had broken up because of relationship drama, such as if you or your ex had too much emotional baggage to be involved with a romantic relationship, then I’d recommend against getting back together.

If it was you who had character problems, then fix yourself first and then think about getting back together. If it was your ex who had character problems, then be glad that the relationship is over and don’t even think about getting back together.

This will require an objective review of your ex’s and your own character. If you’re still too emotional to have clear judgment, then here’s a simple test: Think about whether your close friends and family hate your ex do. If they do, chances are, there’s something wrong with your ex that you don’t see.

You should also think about how compatible you actually are with your ex. If it’s “just too hard” for
you guys to be together, maybe you both would be better off being with someone who’d create less drama.

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