Infiltrating Internet Dating

Infiltrating Internet Dating

Not long ago, I was a single woman on the prowl who hadn’t quite yet met her match, but was tired of looking for him in all the wrong places. Then I got a computer and took my first step into the cyberworld scene.

I embarked on my online love cruise with an online dating service, and found that results were immediate and prospects abundant. What I found online was that dating is much more concentrated and specialized. It’s like going into a gourmet food store and having your pick of delicacies that can’t be found anywhere else.

Men were everywhere – and not just average Joe’s, mind you, but guys who fit the exact description of the kind of man I wanted in my life – and sharing my bed. Having grown thoroughly exhausted of hanging out in bars as I was approaching my thirties, the Internet made matchmaking less of a chore and more of an adventure.

It’s true that not every experience went as smoothly as I had hoped, which is why I took notes and eventually turned them into a guide for men who want to pick up women. After finding my own true love on the Internet, I felt it was time to launch, so that men could learn from my own encounters.

The online dating scene on adultfriendrfinder requires more honesty than you’d normally find in a singles bar on a Friday night. The more clear the picture that you paint of yourself, the higher your response rate.

At first, I was vague, and found that I received more vague replies in response. It was then that I realized if I wanted to snag a good man, I was going to have to prove myself to be a good woman.

This is what I try to emphasize in my GuyGetsGirl Single Man’s Guide to Great Women. Putting your best foot forward, and placing the spotlight on your good qualities, not your drawbacks, is what will earn you the respect of the opposite sex.

The men I met online ranged from average and friendly to outstanding. I am engaged to be married this November to one of those outstanding men, and I can only hope that my guide, partnered with the online singles scene, helps other couples find true love and happiness in – and out – of the sack.

Before it’s advertised to the public, I’m offering my Single Man’s Guide to Great Women at a special introductory price to The Player’s Newsletter subscribers. Simply go to and order your copy of the 1st and only pickup, dating and seduction guide on the internet written for men… by a WOMAN!

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