How To Use The Rapport Resumption Technique On Women

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How To Use The Rapport Resumption Technique On Women

Here’s a technique for getting a woman or an ex- girlfriend you haven’t seen for a long time to feel comfortable around you: Rapport Resumption.

Instead of building rapport from scratch again, just act like if you’ve always been friendly towards her and that nothing had ever gone wrong between you too.

Even if you had suffered a nasty breakup, don’t mention it or act bitter. No matter how harsh the breakup was, keep a smile on your face and be a tiny bit excited about seeing her, as if nothing had ever gone wrong.

This will put the woman at ease and make her feel more comfortable talking to you again.

Remember: the more nervous you are when you talk to her, the more nervous SHE will be. But by acting happy, cheerful, and confident, you will overcome the negative barriers that she might have put up as a result of the breakup or not seeing you for so long.

You can also use this technique after a fight to raise the chemistry again. Just act like nothing was wrong and flirt with her.

How To Turn Eye Contact Into A Kiss

As a Smart Dater, you should know that one of the best way to flirt with a woman is to make strong eye contact with her and not look away until she does.

But once in awhile, you may meet or go on a date with an experienced or sexually-aggressive adultfrinendfinder woman who will not break eye-contact with you until you do. What should you do in such a situation?

The answer is to take things up a notch by going for a kiss.

    Here’s what you do:

Look down to her lips quickly and then look into her eyes again. This will “tell” her that you’re thinking about kissing her. See how she reacts. If you can see passion in her eyes or her chin even lifts up a little as if she’s wanting to be kissed, learn forward slowly to kiss her.

Or…you can say in a low, flirting voice, “You know, you look so hot tonight if we weren’t in public
I would pin you against the wall and kiss your neck.” (Note how I didn’t just say “kiss you.” You want to be a little bit different so that the woman has to visualize the image on her head by thinking about it.”)

Now go out and make me proud!

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