Men and relationships – Who says “I love you” first?

Men and relationships – Who says “I love you” first?

Men are often stereotyped as not communicating in relationships.  But a recent research says that often men not only say “I love you” first, but they also are more pleased than women to hear the phrase spoken to them, particularly before having sex.

So what men needs?

From an evolutionary perspective in which men value the opportunity to reproduce and women value commitment to raise offspring, the findings make sense, the researchers wrote. Men may prefer a pre-sex confession because it comes with the promise of getting some action in the near future. Women, on the other hand, would prefer the post-sex confession because it means the sex comes with a commitment.

Further study showed that, when asked to imagine a scenario in which their girlfriend said “I love you,” men reported the biggest imagined happiness boost if the confession came before the two had ever had sex. After sex, men reported a slightly smaller happiness boost when the confession was made.

What are the women needs?

Women, in comparison, were less impressed with pre-sex confessions, but became significantly happier if the “I love you” came after the couple had started having sex. It’s interesting to see the difference between men and women in the relationship timeline, and it may help us understanding men and women a little better.

Everybody wants a good and healthy relationships. But what is the secret for a good relationship?

Let’s look at couples we know who have been living together for a long time- can we say exactly what held them together all these years and still keep loving each other?

Bad relationships are all around, the crisis in relationships at its peak right now and a lot of people trying marriage counseling and visiting adultfrienedfinder, and even pre marriage counseling because we’re starting to understand that we don’t really know what to do and how to live with each other and we need some kind of relationship advice to guide us in the dark. Here is some-

To listen– one of the most important things is to listen and to share. In the race of life we so busy that we often forget to stop and listen. It’s very important that you set up a time that convenient for both of you, for example one our every day or even less, and listen to each other.

Another bit of long distance relationship advice is to open a new page every day. If you had a big fight It is important to reconcile in the end of the day and not to drag your anger to the next day. No matter what happened yesterday, give your partner and yourself a new   opportunity every day.

Understand the differences between you

Men and women have different needs and if you understand the other side you can be much more patient. It reminds me of a  great video  of Chris Rock, where he speaks about the needs of women and the needs of man 

Work – maintaining a relationship can be a lot of work, but you can enjoy it. If you want the relationship to succeed, you have to understand that in order to achieve an healthy relationships you need to work at it daily. it means to keep pushing every day and not giving up for even one day.

Share with other people- itcan be very helpful to get some relationship advice from others or even just for process and analyze your feelings and with someone ales then your partner.

And the most important thing is- to want. Really want it to work.

So we talked about 5 things:

Listen, Opening a new page every day, the differences between man and woman, work, and to share other people.

So I hope you can use this relationship advice to have a good relationship.

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