men·tor [men-tawr, -ter] noun
1.a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. influential senior sponsor or supporter.

Aligning with a good mentor is a simple and overlooked action that can be one of the most rewarding things for your success.  This has just hit me recently, as I have made some solid connections with people who have helped me immensely on my current journey to success.

Take any area of life, it doesn’t have to be success with women on adultfrinendfinder.  It can be fitness, business, a particular skill, or anything really.  You have made a goal to be either proficient, or a master of it.  What do you do?  Well if you are reading this, then you already posses the first and most important quality to improving your life, and that is open mindedness.  With your open mind, you accept the fact that there are people out there who know more than you, and are better than you at what you want to learn. (sounds simple, but most people ESPECIALLY men are to stubborn to ask for help.  They will never improve)

So what can you do to learn a new skill?

-trial and error- Go out and just work at it.  Like, say you want to meet women.  You could just go to bars and try to talk to them.  And piece by piece, rejection after rejection, hopefully you get better.  This is the hardest and longest way to master something.

-research- Now you are starting to get it.  In our day and age, there is a wealth of information everywhere.  Not just word of mouth, or the library. With things like the internet, there is enough information to learn almost anything, and to keep you busy your whole life.

-model- Modeling is an NLP concept that I have used many times in my life.  The idea is to find someone who is getting the results you want, or living the life you would like to lead, and model their beliefs and actions.  It helps to have as much information about that person as possible, which isnt always an option.  So the best way to learn is…

-find a mentor- Having a mentor means that you have someone you can interact, work, and learn from.  The more face time or interpersonal communication, the faster you will grow.  It seems obvious, but people dont always seek out mentorship as aggressively as they should.

So how do you find a mentor

1.keep a look out- You have to have an open mind and an open ear to find someone to learn from.  Like I mentioned before, if you are too proud to admit someone can help you, you are dropping the ball.  If you meet someone who mentions that they do something, accomplished something, or know someone who has done something that you are interested in, you need to question them about it.  Try and find the source, and try to get to the source.  Ask them to put you in contact with that person, or for information to research more.

2.hire one- Hiring professional help and guidance can be one of the most powerful investments you can make.  I know that my one weekend with Braddock and his team of all star instructors taught me more than a few YEARS of reading and going out trying to decipher things on my own.  If someone is a professional, then they are worth spending your money on.

3.barter with one- What are you good at or knowledgeable about? What do you do for a living?  If you have some quality knowledge or a skill set yourself, then you may be able to work back and forth with somebody who knows something you want to learn.  Things like internships fall into this category.  If you are willing to do some work for somebody, then reciprocity will kick in, and you will be rewarded.  Are you studying something in school?  Why not contact a local professional and offer to do some internship work to get your foot in the door.

4.befriend one- This can and cant be easy.  If you are a cool, normal person who makes friends easily, then you may be at an advantage.  Even if you have hired a mentor at first, or offered to do an internship, just by being a cool normal friendly person you may be able to form a friendship with that mentor.  I’ve seen it happen all the time.  Don’t be needy, annoying, or intrusive, but be cool and outgoing and you will also be rewarded.

So for now think of something you want to be better at, and then use what I outlined above to try and find a mentor.  If you have value to give, then be sure to offer it in return.  It can be everything from money, to education, knowledge, access, etc.

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