How To Model Yourself After A Smart Dater

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How To Model Yourself After A Smart Dater

Last time I told you about the importance of learning from a great mentor or book before you attempt to “reinvent the wheel.”

Today I’m going to show you a few basics steps to model yourself after a successful person’s success:

1) Model his ATTITUDE:

Whenever I meet a successful person, I don’t ask stupid questions such as, “How did you become so successful?”

Rather, I just chat with the person and see what his attitude and beliefs are.

For example, in the dating game, the most successful daters or players usually have a “no-care attitude”. That’s something you want to model yourself after.
Another example is the “playful attitude”. By modelling yourself after these two attitudes, you will have much more success with women you met on adultfrinendfinder already than the “Average Joe”.

2) Model his BELIEFS:

Beliefs are also very important. Successful people usually have a set of beliefs that enable them to be more successful than people around you. Find out what these beliefs are and model after them.

For example, in the dating game, the real Casonava’s usually believe that they do NOT need a certain woman to complete their lives. They also believe that there’ll always be another woman who’s just as good if not better.

3) Model his STRATEGIES:

Next, find out the strategies that your role model uses to achieve success. Everybody uses different strategies…and some strategies are more useful than others.

Open your eyes and OBSERVE what your role model does.

For example, if you have a friend who’s good with women, then OBSERVE what he does.

Does he always get a woman excited to a certain point before he asks for her number?
What is his strategy for building rapport with women?
Find out.

4) Model his ACTIONS:

Lastly, you want to model yourself after your role model’s ACTIONS.

Find a man who’s very good with women and observe him from the backgground.

Does he talk to lots of women?

Does he make a lot of friends?

Does he flirt around a lot?

Does he smile?

A good way to learn all these “keys” to dating is to follow my “Smart Dating Course”, because GUESS WHAT?

I’ve modelled my course after what WORKS in the real world. So if you follow what I teach you in the course (from body language to conversation and pretty much EVERYTHING), you’re going to BECOME a “Smart Dater” and have more success with the gals than you’ve having now.

Yes. It’s really simple, and that’s why you should get it now. (Think about all the time and money you’re going to save by learning from a successful model rather than trying to “figure it out” on your own!)

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