Perfect Romantic Gifts

Perfect Romantic Gifts

There is nothing better when the person you love does something romantic, impresses you and sweeps you off your feet.  So to give you a helping hand to show how much you love someone  I have come up with some gift ideas that every lady will love and will ensure that you will be in their good books.

Dinner and theatre tickets

Something that is becoming more popular and is quite romantic to do on Valentine’s Day is to get your loved one a ticket to go and see a musical or West End show. Why not make a night of and book an amazing pre-theatre dinner. At the moment in London there are a lot of shows available including Les Miserable, War-horse, Billy Elliot, Ghost and Singing in the rain just to name a few. This would make an excellent night out and it stands out from the norm of a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates.

 Special getaway

Why not purchase a special gateway just for you and your other half. In February most people are still suffering from the Christmas blues and what better way to cheer someone up than to take them away on a romantic break. The good thing about this is that if you plan in advance you can pick up some excellent offers in the January Sales from various travel companies. Plus the more time you have to plan the better you can make the experience. Just think how relaxing this gift would make you both feel.

A selection of make up

This is quite an easy option and one that most women would love. When you manage to get her out of the house for a while, why not go through her makeup bag to see what products she likes to use. Make a list of whatever mascara, lipstick, foundation, bronzer or blusher she uses, then take it to a department store and ask for help and you’ll have your present in no time. Not only will she think you are extremely helpful but it’s also quite a personal and useful gift that will impress. If you want to treat her then why not splash out on some other extra surprises to add to her collection of cosmetics.

Wine Club membership

If you and your partner both enjoy nothing better than relaxing with a bottle of wine then why not invest in a wine club membership.  Not only will this encourage you and your partner to relax and chill out more it will also give you the opportunity to discover new wines from all over the world, introduce you both to new tastes and flavors and open up more opportunities for conversion over your favorite wine. You both will be more educational in a joint hobby and not to mention probably a little drunker.

These ideas are quite simple and relatively easy to purchase. Sometimes if you think about it, it really can be quite easy to impress your other half.

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