Will a relationship survive at a long distance?

Will a relationship survive at a long distance?

Long Distance – Only the Strong Survive It is easy to see why people end up in a long distance relationship – you meet, fall in love, and then life throws you a curve ball. It’s time for college, or you finally get that dream job, and all of a sudden you’re facing a big decision – end the relationship, or give it a try long distance.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to tell if the long distance relationship will work or not from the onset, because no one enters into a relationship like this without wanting and intending for it to succeed. Every couple make the same vow, that no one else has a bond like you do, and your love will be strong enough to make it work! But what is it that keeps a few relationships alive while many others fall apart?

First, understand that it’s going to take a lot of time on the phone. Both of you will be having new and different experiences and these will shape you as a person. These experiences have to be shared with your partner if there is any hope for the long distance relationship to work – this way you are growing in your experiences together instead of separately. Second, you need to close your mind to other possible relationships. Someone else will come along who you’ll start spending time with. All of a sudden, you’re noticing the closeness that you begin to feel with them, especially physically, which you’ve been missing so much.

These seeds are the beginning of the end for a long distance relationship with a partner you met at Adultfrienedfinder! Steel your mind, remind yourself that you already have someone, and put those feelings away. Lastly, make sure that you have a plan for seeing each other and spending as much time together as possible. You can keep each other going emotionally through phone contact, but there is something so important about touch! Plan trips to go see each other as often as you can.

If you are serious about staying together, make sure to have planned an end to the long distance relationship and count down. Here’s my final piece of advice for long distance relationships: avoid them if it’s at all possible! My husband and I were lucky enough to have stuck it through for four months after we met, but I am so glad that I moved down to be with him, and I can’t guarantee that we’d have stayed together if we had stayed separate. So it’s possible, but definitely not preferable.

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