Bad Date: Dating Disaster Stories

Bad Date: Dating Disaster Stories

We’ve all had them: a bad date that belongs in the dating disasters of hell. The guy who is sensitive and caring, but whose attentiveness turns out being weird and creepy, to the point that you find him crying on your doorstep because he think that you’ve left him after not returning his call from an hour ago. Or how about that special evening that you’ve planned with your special someone at a romantic restaurant but when you get there, you see your ex there as well. And she’s being proposed to… by the guy she cheated on you with.

We’ve all endured some cruel and bad date experience at some point of our lives.  My most disastrous dating experience on login occurred when I was supposed to meet Elizabeth for dinner.

We had met on Adultfrinendfinder and after emailing back and forth, we had finally come up with plans: dinner at a French restaurant. I had arrived a few minutes early and proceeded to the table to wait for Elizabeth.

When she arrived, she walked right up to the table and without sitting down told me that she was starting to have second thoughts about having dinner with me. I asked her why, to which she responded: “I can’t say for sure, but wait here for a few minutes and I will try to make things clearer.”

Well, I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt (not to mention my curiosity was piqued) and so I proceeded to wait at the table until she finally came back after about five to ten minutes. Upon her return, she had a folded brown paper bag with her.

Elizabeth unfolded the paper back and on it was a hand-drawn angry face which was positioned on the table as to be facing me. Then, without uttering a single word, she left again. I figured that it was for good this time. I never found out what it was exactly that I did to give her second thoughts, nor do I really care to find out!

The thing is not every dating disaster has to be stressful or end in misfortune. It’s possible to deal with these bad dates if you can find it within you to find the humor in these sticky situations. Add a touch of class, and you’re sure to end up with a good story to tell your friends as opposed to feeling miserable and turned off from the dating game.

If you have a story you’d like to share, feel free to leave a comment or send an e-mail.
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