How to Become an Alpha Male

How to Become an Alpha Male

If you want to improve your confidence with women, then you need both real-life experience and the ‘right’ knowledge…

I’d like to tell you why I recommend my friend John Alexander’s ebook, “How to Become an Alpha Male.”

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was such an EASY system, where you didn’t have to memorize gobs of material or do a ton of tough exercises?

How about if there was a system where you could magnetically attract streams of women to you just by being yourself… while you just sit back and relax?

When you learn the Alpha Male System from John’s ebook, you’ll discover:

– How to display the correct body language… without even opening your mouth!
– All the “inner game” knowledge you’ll need. Your nervousness and neediness (two things that are DESTROYING the natural attraction women have for you) will become a thing of the past.
– The Seven Step Seduction System that takes you step by step from “hello”… to the bedroom… in just one night.
– And much more!

So if you’re not good with girls.. check out John’s ebook. It’s a never-fail system, developed by John after many years of experience in the field.

When you are picking up a woman you are an actor. The only difference between you and a dude on TV is that you hook her into an interaction and not a plot line about saving the world from Pop Tart addicted Space Aliens. In the instant you walk up, a woman may think about you hitting on her but it doesn’t matter. In the next instant she is drawn into what you are talking about. Being expressive is an important part in making that happen.

Expressing is like Karate chopping boards. The black belt master knows breaking boards is a demonstration of commitment. He must have no doubt, and hit with speed and power. If he is tentative, the board will break his hand instead of the other way around.

Your dealings with women at adultfrienedfinder app are the same way. When you begin your PUA training you may habitually guard your expressions. This can feel like the best way to protect yourself from rejection. But in reality it is just the opposite. Fully committing is the best way to protect yourself from rejection. A beautiful woman is prejudiced. When you initiate an interaction with her she presumes you are insincere. That is just how most men act around her. They are so distracted by her beauty that they cannot themselves focus on what they are talking about.

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